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Nov 15, 2010 03:10 PM

Mrs. Cubbison's Herb Seasoned Cube Stuffing Mix vs Kellogg's Stuffing Mix

For years at Thanksgiving we have used Kellogg's Stuffing Mix, apparently it is now discontinued and not available anywhere. Every place that had it is sold out. Had no idea it was going to be discontinued. The closest in appearance and ingredients is Mrs. Cubbison's from what we have found. Can anyone vouch for Mrs. Cubbison's? Any help would be appreciated. We are worried about Thanksgiving because the Kellogg's Stuffing mix is what we've always used on the side and to stuff the bird.

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  1. I have always used Kellogg's as well! Several years ago they discontined the cardboard box (which was called Kellogg's Croutettes) for a year or 2. It then re-appared in the foil 6 oz foil packet called "stuffing mix." But it tasted the same as the croutettes.. I just found out today that it has been discontinued again. Searching on the internet for alternatives, I found your post. I may try Mrs. Cubbison's also, as Pepperidge Farms is not as flavorful as Kellogg's and the cubes tend to get pasty :( -- Good Luck, Fellow Kellogg's Lover.

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      I have always bought and used Mrs. Cubbinsons stuffing mix growing up that is what my mom always used and we have always loved it.. Now living in Kentcuky I can't find it to make for my family. I think Cubbinsons is the best! I don't like stove top, and really don't like the way pepperidge Farms looks. If I can't find Mrs. Cubbinsons at Meijer's then I guess I will attempt maiking my own

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        I agree wholeheartedly. Now that I live in L.A. again it isn't a problem -- they sell it everywhere -- but for a while I lived on the East Coast and you couldn't buy it there. I had to bribe people to smuggle it to me in their suitcases or I would bring back a half-dozen boxes with me on each visit.
        Also -- I definitely prefer the "dressing" to the "cube stuffing." Time was I couldn't be picky, but now I can just drive to another store if one place happens to be out of my preferred bird filler.
        I doctor it up with the ratio: 1 cup diced celery sauteed in 1 stick of unsalted butter for 3 minutes, then add 1 cup of diced onion, add sprinkling of salt, pepper, and sage, saute for another 3 minutes or so. Add 1 cup of homemade stock -- this makes a huge difference in the flavour. This for every bag of dressing. I usually just need one bag of dressing for a smallish (8 lb) turkey.

    2. I've always used Pepperidge Farms. My mom used to use the cubed bread, I use one of those with a cornmeal stuffing too- I love them mixed together 1:1. My MIL uses Mrs cubbison's, and although i was prepared to hate it, it was almost undistinguishable from the Pepperidge farms. Well, it was different, but still pretty good, I had no complaints. I still use my 1:1 cornbread/bread cube Pepperidge farms dressing, and I usually add celery, about half the butter called for, onion, dried cherries, dried cranberries, chopped chestnuts, and whatever the spirit moves me to add. Oh- and always a lot of fresh-grated nutmeg.

      1. I noticed several weeks ago that the local grocer had the Kellogg's Stuffing Mix (formerly crouquettes) on sale but didn't know they did it to clear it out because it was being discontinued. I don't know the shelf life, but I suppose I'll get some. Would freezing it lengthen the shelf life any significant amount? Anyway, last winter I was in Arizona (my father had emergency heart surgery and I went down to take care of him) and I ended up making a Christmas dinner for him in January since he was in ICU for Christmas. I couldn't fine the Kellogg's and used Mrs. Cubbison's. I had never heard of her before but it turned out to be a fine substiution. The only reason we used Kellogg's is because that's what my mother used. I don't like the Stouffers or Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix but Mrs. Cubbison came through. At holiday meals I want a consistent easy to use product and that's why I use the seasoned bread cubes instead of making my own. I will not however ever use Stove Top or similar products. They don't seem to be worth the carbs and the regular stuffing is pretty easy to make.

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        1. re: John E.

          I think freezing it would be fine. :o)

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            Yeah, I knew it wouldn't hurt the quality of the product, the question was if it would lengthen the shelf life. I never did get to find out fir sure as the store sold out before I got the chance to buy it.

        2. I used Mrs. Cubbison's for years, but have switched to Pepperidge Farms and prefer that now.

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            If you can find Kellogg's buy. buy. buy IT. Never mind freezing. It might get soggy when defrosting from the mositure. It has a very long shelf life anyway. Longer than the expiration date. Of course, I just start with the Kelloggs, saute onion, mushroom, celery in butter, add all including butter, chicken stock, garlic, egg. Then bake. It was soooo delicious, but I can't find it this year. :(

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              I have frozen stuffing mix and it is fine after taking it out of the freezer. :o)

          2. I, too, have used Kellog's literally all of my life when we cooked for Thanksgiving as those are the croutons my Mother used since I can remember. I am hoping Kellog's will reconsider and produce the product for the Thanksgiving/Holiday season in the future since it seems it is not cost effective to have the product year round.

            I have sampled a few stuffing products so far and, based on my opinion, here is my review of the ones I have tried. Hopefully this will help others (and spare them having several boxes and bags of stuffing croutons on hand they will never use.)

            1. Petridge Farm Cubed Herb Seasoned Stuffing: They were seasoned but not very flavorful and left more of a sodium/salt aftertaste.

            2. Mrs. Cubbison's Classic Stuffing Herb Seasoned. Not even close to Kellog's and the taste was, how can I put this, just awful.

            3. Mrs. Cubbison's Classic Dressing Seasoned. The seasoning is not bad but very plain in comparrison to the Kellog's. Also, this is not cubed but are closer to bread crumbs.

            4. Brownberry Premium Stuffing Sage & Onion: Excellent product. Not an exact match to Kellog's, but has a great taste.

            5. THE WINNER! Brownberry Premium Stuffing Herb Seasoned: This is an excellent match to the Kellog's seasoning combination and tastes very good. I have not worked with the product so I am not sure how the consistancy will be when prepared. But, an excellent match to Kellog's.

            I hope this helps others facing the same dilema as myself. Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

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            1. re: ethanbee

              I too checked my local stores and they were out of the Kellogg's. The dilemma now is what brand to switch to? I wonder if Kellogg's realized the angst they were going to cause their faithful customers when they made this decision? Holiday food like this is as much tradition as anything else. I remember one Thanksgiving when the bread stuffing was missing and was replaced with wild rice stuffing (this is Minnesota after all). Only one other person besides me understood the problem. She now makes the stuffing for our large family gathering (a cousin's wife). I get the job of making the mashed potatoes. Last year it was 35# cooked outside on a propane burner. I've been making them crappier and crappier every year so they'll give the job to someone else but so far I'm still stuck with the job.

              1. re: ethanbee

                I sent Kellogg's an email asking them to consider bringing back the croutettes as a seasonal item. They said no.

                I tried Arnold's and it was awful - tasted like salt and garlic. I never liked Pepperidge Farm cubes - they didn't cook up well. So I will try Brownberrry for Christmas turkey.


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                  I was so disappointed in the stuffing at Thanksgiving. My mother did the cooking and I hadn't heard that the Kellog's had been discontinued. Since one of my daughter wasn't able to be home for Thanksgiving, I told her that I'd do a turkey dinner for her when she came in for Xmas. I read your suggestion about the Brownberry Stuffing and ordered it at Amazon (not available locally), paying way more than a normal person would pay for 2 bags of stuffing mix (about $20). But it was worth it. Not as good as Kellog's, in my opinion, but quite good and better than anything else I've tried. (I can't stand Pepperidege Farm!) It was a little more peppery than I would choose, but without Kellog's, it will be what I use next time. BTW, I used the Kellog's Stuffing directions (still available on line if you search for it), not the directions on the Brownberry package. Kellog's uses more butter and less chicken broth. Thanks for the suggestion!

                  1. re: kathleen1957

                    Any suggestion on searching for Kellog's directions? I am not having any luck! TIA

                    1. re: dklipscomb

                      It seems Kelloggs removed the recipe and I've looked for it too but only found recipes that modified the recipe in some way. I did find a link that you need to register to get the amounts:

                      I know the amounts to be 1 package mix, 3/4 cup celery, 1/2 cup onion, 1 cup butter, and 3 cups broth. When my mother made it she doubled the onions and celery and reduced the butter and it was improved.

                  2. re: ethanbee

                    I don't remember ever seeing Kellog's stuffing mix in the store I should ask my mom about that.

                    1. re: ethanbee

                      Thank you for taking the time to try all of these and telling us the results. I tried the Brownberry Premium Stuffing Herb Seasoned and was very pleased with the results. I used the receipe from the Kellogs stuffing mix.

                      1. re: ethanbee

                        Here is the recepie I use to make my Thanksgiving Stuffing. I used to use the Kellog's croutons with this recepie:

                        1 cup of onions chopped
                        1 cup of celery chopped
                        1 cup of chopped walnuts or pecans (if desired)
                        1 cup rasins
                        1 to 1 1/2 package of Brownberry Premium Stuffing Herb Seasoned croutons.
                        1 stick salted butter
                        1 cup (maybe a little more) of broth (I boil the turkey innards and use the broth from that)
                        Boiled chopped Turkey Innards (if desired)
                        1 egg (if desired)

                        Melt butter into large round pan. I use a cast iron one. Add onion, celery, rasins, chopped turkey innards and walnuts or pecans and saute for about 3 minutes until soft. Add Brownberry Premium Stuffing Herb Seasoned croutons. Mix thoroughly with all other ingreedients making sure to pull all of the ingreedients up from the bottom of the pan. Add broth in portions making sure the mixture is moistened but not soggy. At this point, I add a raw egg, mix it in and allow it to cook until the mixture is thoroughly heated.

                        The stuffing is now fully cooked and ready to eat. You can either stuff your turkey or place it in an oven safe casarole dish and bake it for 10 to 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven until the top of the croutons form a crust. Enjoy!