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Nov 15, 2010 01:30 PM

Mexican Party Room in San Diego

My dad passed away and, in lieu of a funeral, we're getting family together for a memorial party/dinner the day after Thanksgiving. He loved two things as much as he loved us: Mexican food, and mariachi music. I'm trying to plan this from Minneapolis with no knowledge of San Diego. I'm looking for a really good Mexican restaurant that has a party room that will hold about 30 people. Bonus points if there's no charge for the party room, assuming we all buy food. Extra bonus points if there are mariachis. Also--the family will be staying in Imperial Beach and Chula Vista, so something somewhat close would be great. Your help is graciously appreciated.

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  1. My sincere condolences to you moodyfull..

    Miguel's Cocina in Coronado (minutes to the Silver Strand from IB) might be a nice option on the patio and then you all can walk over to the Hotel Del with the Christmas decorations and you can all have a drink over there for Dad too.
    They have a new location in Eastlake in Chula Vista.
    They will be able to hook you up on mariachis..
    Jalisco Cafe in Imperial Beach is small and a dive but so dang good.

    All the best to you and hopefully others will chime in..

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      You also might try one of Diane Powers restaurants. Casa Guadalarja (sp) in Old Town, Casa Pico in La Mesa or Casa Bandini in Carlsbad. I have seen the patio at Bandini closed off for a party of about 30 people. They put a barracade up. They also have mariachis. I am sure the other two restaurants could also work something out for you. Also my condolences.

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        Casa Guadalajara has an enclosed patio right off the bar for private parties that is fairly nice. They also have roving mariachis. The food is reasonably good. I suspect if you talk to the manager and explain what you want to do they can arrange a nice meal for you as well as the mariachi time

        Casa Guadalajara
        4105 Taylor St, San Diego, CA 92110

    2. My condoloces moodyfull. And a great way to celebrate your father's life!