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Nov 15, 2010 01:19 PM

Has anyone tried Chantal enamel on steel cookware?

I liked the light weight and it seems to be well made for the price. i am sure the copper fusion line is better, but I am on a budget.

Amazon always seems to have it on sale.


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  1. I have one Chantal enameled steel saucepan that I picked up at some discount store. I like the pan and use it for things like boiling vegetables, eggs, making soups, etc. Typical saucepan applications. It heats well and apparently evenly, but I wouldn't want a similar skillet if the base was the same thickness as the saucepan - too thin. On the other hand I never felt compelled to get more of these pans. I use it when its size is convenient, otherwise I prefer other heavier cookware.

    1. It's great, but it's "over." Too bad.