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Nov 15, 2010 01:18 PM

Potluck WOW dish

My company is having a potluck and I want to bring a unique dish that will WOW. Things to keep in mind:
-Only way to reheat is a microwave at the beginning of the potluck (so not something that has to be super hot or cooked last minute)
-I commute by train, so not something cumbersome to get to work in the morning
-There will be plenty of food, so i don't need a ton, just something that will stand out.
-it's on a Thursday, so i'd make it Wed night. Just nothing super complicated that it would require the whole night.

I want to hear a lot of 'wow, who mad that _____________ dish?!?' for at least a day or two!

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  1. I made pulled pork once to bring to a company potluck and now that's the only thing I'm allowed to bring. I make mine in a slow cooker...throw a bone-in pork shoulder into the cooker with whatever spices you want. Let it go for a full 12 hours on low. Take it out, shred it and then add it back to the slow cooker with your favorite BBQ sauce for another hour or so. I like Sweet Baby Ray's, cut with a little ginger ale or soda to thin it out a bit.
    I bring it to work in the slow cooker to heat it back up, but you could bring it in a microwave-sage container to heat there. I also cut club rolls into thirds for serving.

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      CeeBee,do you add liquid, ie beer during cooking?

      OP, you could also bring cole slaw for the perfect side. In a pinch, you could buy the cole slaw kits, easy to transport.

    2. I always get a lot of "wow! Give me the recipe!" to this spinach-artichoke dip from

      The recipe is great the way it is, but I did make some slight modification:
      -used a slow cooker
      -did not roast garlic. I just threw it into the slow cooker
      -used the shredded mozzarella/smoked provolone mix, instead of just mozzarella. I've accidentally used monteray jack once, and it still tasted fine.
      -used fresh chopped spinach (so much better than frozen


      I usually serve it with sourdough bread . I am always expected to make this dip or else I repeatedly get asked questions like,"Hey! Where's the dip?" "Why didn't you make the dip?"
      Or I'll hear, "Oh, I was looking forward to the dip."

      It tastes fantastic when made the night before and reheated the day of serving and microwaving works well for this dip. Just make sure stir.