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Nov 15, 2010 01:01 PM

Food suggestions for snacks at a white Burgundy tasting

We have the cheeses covered (Fromage d'affinois, Bucheron, St. Agur, Cantal, Chaource, epoisses) , poached salmon, and mushrooms on toast, but we would welcome suggestions for other foods to accompany chardonnay for a serious tasting (wine primary, food secondary so long prep time is frowned upon, like chicken paillard, as there will be 11 people for the tasting).

Ken K

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  1. Let's see. At the risk of sounding pedestrian, I think you need to head straight for thoughts of do-aheads that can be served on a buffet - at least that's the impression I'm getting. Blanquette de Veau is an option if your 'shrooms on toast aren't creamy; a pork tenderloin "drugged" w/ an easy gremolata or pesto would work if they are creamy. Any chicken dish would serve well: flattened chicken breasts spread with ricotta mixed with sundried tomatoes and some toasted pinenuts, then rolled, baked, cooled and sliced would be great. I'd serve this with a pesto aioli or mayo. A rice/herb salad would be delicious with these. Bayonne Ham, thinly sliced and served with a variety of nice seeded breads and some assorted vegetables A la Greque; delicious. A lentil and vegetable salad with flatbreads would fit right into any of these schemes; vegetable quiche or vegie lasagna blanca.
    And of course, cold poached seafood platter with a variety of dippers would certainly be appropriate, but I know you have salmon already, so that might be seafood overkill. Hope this helps.

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      mamchef, thanks for your reply. some of the flavors may be too assertive for the wines, but you have started my engines. I like the quiche idea, in particular, and shrimp either broiled a la minute or with a light sauce with tarragon and mustard. I will look for a recipe for pork tenderloin that can be served cold...

      Ken K

    2. In Burgundy at the big wine tastings, one of the standards is gougeres. My personal favorite are the huge crocks of rillettes, but that could lead to things like pates. You're not talking about a buffet dinner, right, just noshes?

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        more noshes than a big fress, so to speak. The tasting is a sit-down tasting of 11 people, 6 glasses apiece, 2 flights of wine. My wife and I enjoy food, but we want to not have to fuss much during the tasting because the wines are quite good (2002 white Burgs). Pork rillettes would be good for red Burgs but I think they would be too greasy for whites, although salmon rillettes a la Bouchon is certainly a consideration (except that we will already have poached salmon); thanks for the reminder about gougeres--they are perfect. Any recipe for a dish that can be easily passed would be helpful, as well, as I don't know that it will be practical for people to get up and leave the table for a buffet...