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Nov 15, 2010 12:51 PM

food in the film "stranger than fiction"

hi all,

i'm getting my masters degree in gastronomy at boston university, and am currently working on a term paper exploring food themes in the film "stranger than fiction." i'm particularly interested in how the film deals with issues of gender, emotional eating, food memories, and sharing food with others.

i've been searching for sources to include in my paper, as well as new ideas to explore - but i haven't found hardly any articles, reviews, or discussions on this topic. surely i'm not the only one who's noticed that food is fairly significant in this film!

has anyone seen any articles, film reviews, discussions, or anything else related to the use of food in this film? or does anyone have any ideas of things to pursue that i haven't mentioned?

thanks for any help you can give - my writer's block is getting the best of me, and this board is always good for getting my mind working again.


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  1. Admittedly, there is nothing that depresses me more than a person seeking a postgraduate degree turning to a message board for research resources (as opposed to research purposes).

    You are inevitably going to take on some challenges because your desire to do film research starts to edge you into a FIlm/Media Studies essay rather than a Gastronomy one. (Although looking at the website-- i couldn't help it-- I presume this is for one of the 'communications' classes?)

    But some questions:
    1. Have you gone to the library and used their resources to locate essays on the film itself? There are film scholarship databases, and even then, Jstor, Muse, etc. use search engines that can make your search possible.

    2. Are you speaking about the 2006 film?

    3. What do you hope to find in the articles and reviews (and bear in mind that popular sources are not the same thing as scholarly one)?

    4. Have you considered simply doing research into what has been written already on the topic of films and food, films and gender, and films and memory, and then using that as a framework for reading this one? Because there is a lot out there on those topics, to be sure!