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Nov 15, 2010 12:08 PM

Bangkok and southern Thailand island-hopping

Looking to hit Jay Fai and nahm in BKK as well as Chinatown and Khao San Road for plenty of street food, but could use other tips. We'll eat anything and heat's not a problem.

After four days in Khao Sok National Park we hop from Ko Samui to Ko Phangan and finish up at Ko Tao. Any must-hit restaurants on those islands?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Small point, but avoid Khao San Rd if you are after the real deal.

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      Thanks. We're staying nearby so Khao San road will probably get a walk-through for spectacle's sake. Won't be a focal point.

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        Firmly agree with koknia above, Khao San is great for junk shopping and people watching--the food, not so much.
        On Samui, for a nice but reasonably priced non strret food meal, give Beach Love on Chaweng a try. They also serve western food, but don't let it throw you off. The Thai is wonderful, they have a fantastic armosphere and staff.
        Enjoy your trip!

    2. There is good and bad everywhere in Bangkok, with plenty of good "street" food around KSR. Much of it is as good as found elsewhere.

      Visiting since the 90's, and living in Bangkok here since 2007, I have visited KSR maybe 4 times. Each time we have found good food available. Just avoid places with an abundance of the dread-headed soap dodgers.

      The Saochingcha area isn't far from KSR. Here is a guide and map of the area:

      The original Krua Apsorn is about a kilometer away, on Samsen Road. Although we haven't tried it, there is supposed to be another branch, on Dinsor, just south, maybe 100 meters, of Democracy Monument. You can google for reviews and see the Samsen location here:

      Krua Apsorn (Samsen, at least) is one of the few establishments that hasn't been ruined by its English language press popularity.

      I vote for their pu pad pong karee (curry crab), along with their signature crab omelet.

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      1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

        Thank you so much for your response, Curt...I'll mark these on my map. Can't wait!

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          I was recently in Bangkok with some friends and we tried the Dinso (a.k.a. Dinsor, but pronounced "Dinsaw") branch of Krua Apsorn just south of the Democracy Monument. It was really really good. The downside is that it closes at 8 p.m.! We got there just after 8 p.m. and they were nice enough to let us in and serve us, but they were all out of crab. Fortunately we got a really excellent fish dish instead, along with some other good stuff. The fish was a bit expensive by Thai standards but worth it.

          It was a lively place -- there were lots of young folks living it up, presumably local students, and they were all still drinking beer and chatting up a storm when we left, although I think the kitchen had closed. Fun! Nice down-to-earth unpretentious atmosphere. But why do they close at 8?! Sheesh.

        2. Koh Samui has a bunch of shitty tourist restaurants but hit the market near Chaweng beach for some local snacks. There's a good rice spot there. If you get a chance to stop in Trang (southern Thailand) they do great grub on the nickel. Wherever you are, be sure to get yourself a brekkie Pad Ga Prao Moo [spicy ground pork with holy basil & and fried egg over rice]. Superb!!

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            I recently had a week of work on Samui. I hadn't been there since 1990. The food along the main beach road in Chaweng was brutal. I ended up going a few streets back into some local markets and eating from stalls. Back in there it's the same food as any Thai town.