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Oct 26, 2005 09:12 PM

Is there any pizza out there thats comparable to Casa Bianca?

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My last pie at Casa Bianca was a bit charred which left me feeling a bit burnt. Are there any other places that rival Casa Bianca? I ahve seen soem look alike places in Eagle Rock and have driven past Dino's in Burbank are they any good in comparison? I have also found praise on this board for La Buca - is it worth a trip? Nicky Ds? Ill travel if its worth it . . .

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  1. Check the last Chowhound pizza discussion below.


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      I hadn't been to Casa Bianca in a while - the lines are overwhelming even for me - but I managed to make it in last night around eleven. Man, is that pizza good! The fried eggplant was better than ever, which is saying a lot.

      I know where I go when Casa B seems too formidable, but I don't know a place where the pizza is as fine - with the possible exception of Sally's in New Haven, but I digress.

    2. Domenico's on Huntington Dr. in Monrovia. Ask for it to be rolled extra-thick.

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        Don't you mean extra thin? Casa Bianca is a thin-crust pie.

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          Right you are...extra thin. Musta been my belly intruding on the discussion.

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            I second Domenico's. Though it wasn't as good as the one as in Old Town when I went. Casa Bianca sucks, in my opinion. So you asking if there is any pizza comparable to Casa Bianca. You might as well ask is there any fine gourmet dining comparable to McDonald's.

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        Heywood Floyd


        Recently posted about Dino's Burbank (below)...

        I haven't enjoyed Casa Bianca for a long time - I think I like the idea of it more than the reality.

        But I like the reality of Dino's!


        I ate at Dino's Pizza in Burbank for the first time a few weeks ago, and wanted to make sure I put a good word in on Chowhound.
        I'm one of those people who say you can't find really good pizza in LA, but this place is very good.
        Crust was warm and crisp - not soggy and not sweet - very hard for me to find good crust around town!
        Straight ahead pepperoni and mushroom - very nice.
        The "Bel Aire" - no sauce, but goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, olive oil, basil - very good also.
        Also they had Heffenwiesen beer on tap and "family style" tables (indoors).
        You order at a window, and they serve the pizza at your table.
        Just liked it a lot... am considering whether it's close enough to pickup pizza there and take home to Silverlake!
        Dino's Pizza
        3520 W. Burbank Blvd.
        Burbank, CA 91505
        (818) 841-3311


        1. Hands down the best pizza in Burbank is at:

          Central Park Pizza & Cafe

          This place can be found at the batting cages (yes I said "batting cages") at 220 N. Victory Blvd. (818)953-7492

          It is without a doubt, the best pizza in the valley.

          Try the sausage, red onion & jalapenos. Also the "Big Apple" (bbq chicken, cliantro, red onion, gouda & mozzarella).

          Sometimes the delivery can be slow, but it's hardly a tough price to pay, knowing what you're about to experience...

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          1. re: JtotheF

            Yes, very, very close to the thin crust & sparse tomato sauce in NYC. Excellent.

            1. re: JtotheF

              Central Park has new owners/management, is it still good? Or rather, have you been RECENTLY?
              Dino's doesn't travel very well in my opinion, then again I like most pizza just fresh out of the oven while the bottom crust has a good crunch. Service issues at Dino's took it off my list.
              There's a little hole-in-the-wall just off the 10 freeway in Upland that's worth the trip, mostly because it's right next door to Handel's Ice Cream and we bring a cooler to stock up on that. The pizza place is called San Biagio's and we love to stop in for a slice then hit the ice cream parlor.

            2. I find almost anything better than Casa Bianca, so if you ask me, there's nothing that compares. If you like the taste, IMO you're out of luck.