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Nov 15, 2010 11:35 AM

Dinner near Eiffel Tower in March- fabulous duck + other options...

I already got some great recommendations for our upcoming trip to Paris for 3 days in March, but I wanted to ask specifically about a great restaurant/bistro/brasserie for duck specifically, but with other options as I don't eat a lot of meat other than fish. I know that Au Petit Sud Ouest is highly regarded, but it seems that they don't have a lot of non-duck options. I had thought about Le Petit Bordelais as a fun/splurge night as well, and while their menus include duck, I wasn't sure if it would be considered a "specialty."

Suggestions welcome! Restaurants don't have to be near the eiffel tower, we're staying near the Champs-Elysées, will be visiting musee d'orsay, louvre, notre dame/latin quarter...I'd like to stay under $75-100 per person for a splurge night, but less expensive would be great.


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  1. Would Peking duck work?
    No, Oh well. There is a fabulous place called the Concert de Cuisine near you chef'd by the ex-Benkay guy that is serves Japanese-tilted food.
    Le Concert de Cuisine
    14, rue Nelaton in the 15th, (Metro: Bir-Hakeim)
    Closed Sundays and Saturday and Monday lunch
    Lunch menus 24 & 29, dinner 40 & 57 E.

    1. pass on Petit Bordelais, dowright depressing compared to Les Ormes that previously occupied that location.

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      1. If it is Duck you need, and you want a splurge why not try "La Tour D'Argent" which serves probably the most famous duck in Paris?

        OK it is near Notre Dame (with a great view) rather than the Tour Eiffel and it can become expensive if you don't focus your ordering. , however it is a real part of history and I understand it is now on the bounce from it's fall from grace (3 stars to 1).

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          Absolutely, we ate there a few months ago and they do serve the duck on the 65 E lunch menu, a la carte is 200 E (with the cheapest wine at 62E) so if you're on a budget or fixed income beware. But as I've written elsewhere the view as Phil says is great and the place just like my first time in 1953.

        2. I would have said D'Chez Eux, but recent reviews, non duck related, have been poor. Le Florimond has a fine Confit de Canard, but so do many others. For cassoulet, there is Violin d'Ingres. Au Petit Sud Quest is good, but for meat eaters only. You have a happy problem; duck is a much favored French dish.

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            Yes, went to D'Chez Eux in July and found it to be pedestrian and overpriced - not at all what it used to be. Le Florimond also has great stuffed cabbage & boudin noir, besides the excellent confit de canard.

            1. re: boredough

              Thanks all! I hadn't looked at Le Florimond, and Ill keep La Tour D'Argent in mind for our splurge meal.