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Nov 15, 2010 11:11 AM

Food in Literature

I'm on a committee that produces an annual fundraiser for literacy. It includes excellent food paired with wine and beer. I can't give more details yet, but you'll be the first to know about this San Diego event for dining, eating and food shopping.

Stay tuned.

But this year we're going to pair the foods closely with foods that play a role in books. Not just cookbooks, but literary works- think marlin in Old Man and The Sea or for kids, Green Eggs and Ham.

What are your literary/culinary favorites?

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  1. Like Water for Chocolate
    James and the Giant Peach
    Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Winnie the Pooh

    1. CAnnot go wrong with Il Gattopardo

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        I have never read that. Mary Ann Esposito mentions it in one of her books, and it sounds scrumptious.

      2. Just making sure you also caught these threads in the Food Media and News forum, as they may be helpful:

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          The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov - lots of great Russian feasts

          Proust's Remembrance of Things Past - the madeleine scene

          Little Women by Louisa May Alcott - the Christmas breakfast scene

          Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children - food tied to memory

          Zola's The Masterpiece - lovely images from opulent private dining rooms

          Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Ernest - amazing descriptions of afternoon tea

          C.S. Lewis The Lion, The Witch... Turkish Delight. Yum!

          Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman

          Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez - a great scene about asparagus and then an even greater scene about asparagus pee ;-)

          And if escargot is on the menu, the beginning of my favorite novel The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino begins with his sister serving up snails tied with wire in the shape of swans for no other reason than to be cruel.

          1. re: Ewilensky

            re The Importance of Being Ernest: "One can't eat muffins in an agitated manner." My favorite line.

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                The Master & Margarita is one of my old favorites.
                I taught Like Water for Choclate and as and end of book activity, they made food from the book.
                Vardis Fisher's Mountain Man.

            1. The Hobbit: When the dwarves and Gandalf are raiding Bilbo's pantry/cupboards. Bilbo is serving, but the others seem to know everything he's got stashed away and are asking for it all.

              1. A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle
                Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
                Green Eggs and Ham by the beloved Dr. Seuss