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Nov 15, 2010 11:09 AM

Christmas Village restaurants

I tried posting this on the PA boards, but I don't think anyone is alive on those boards......maybe this will help?

A group of 5 (2 grandparents, myself, pregnant wife, and 3 yr old) are planning a trip to Christmas Village by Lancaster, and are looking for places to eat between Lancaster and Upper Darby. We are looking for good Italian (red gravy places are ideal). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We would prefer it to be closer to CV, but anywhere on the way back from there, off of I-76 would be great.

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  1. Hi there,
    Christmas Village isn't really near Lancaster, it's much closer to Reading. Bernville itself has very little to offer in the way of restaurants. Most likely you will go through the Reading area to get there. I can't really think of a child-friendly Italian restaurant I'd recommend....what else might you be open to?

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      I'm open for anything but my wife/daughter can mainly tolerate Italian and American (burgers, steaks, etc.) and or buffets. As long as prices are reasonable and doesn't break the bank (apps $5-$10; entrees $15-$20).

      I've heard alot about the buffets/smorgasbords out there, but dunno if they are tourist traps or worth it.

      1. re: paychecktoday

        The Pa dutch buffets are nowhere near your route. (In general they are tourist traps).
        I assume you will be going from Bernville down 183 to 222 and then south on 222 to 176 and then south on 176 to hit the turnpike at Morgantown..
        There are a number of chain restauants off the Broadcasting Road exit of 222. Given your wife/daughters limitations these may be acceptable.
        On route 23 in Morgantown, about a mile from the turnpike exit is the Windmill restaunt, which is a glorified greek diner with some Pa Dutch menu items added. I have not eaten here for a couple years, but it used to be acceptable. They have Italian items on the menu, but I don't believe we ever ordered
        Hope this helps.

        1. re: brookquarry

          i'll def try and see if i can get to the windmill. thanks

    2. I am not very familiar with dining in Reading, but there is a Buco Di Beppo in Wyomissing (west of Reading) that is a red sauce Italian chain, and definitely kid friendly. It is my understanding that Reading has a large Italian population, so I would think you'd find something there to your liking. Try a post titled "Italian Restaurant: Reading"
      My in-laws belong to one of those "private restaurant clubs" in Reading, and it is VERY popular. Definitely old school, red sauce Italian: Victor Emmanuel II. I think you can just buy a cheap membership at the door, and the food isn't expensive. It seems like everyone I meet from Reading is a member there. My husband is, just in case we want to go with his parents some time.