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Nov 15, 2010 10:24 AM

Where to eat dinner on December 25th in Calgary?

I live in Toronto and am helping friends from Europe plan a trip to Canada and I am having a terrible time finding a restaurant open in Calgary on Christmas Day.
Are there any restaurants open on the 25th in downtown Calgary?
Thanks for ANY help!

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  1. I'm sure the Palliser Hotel will be open on Christmas day and the food is decent.

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    1. re: smyth39

      Thanks for helping. The Palliser is open and I am 11th on the waiting list (and therefore don't think it is likely to get a table)!!

    2. I would think probably the hotel restaurants would be open. Try Charcut (which is attached to Hotel Le Germain):

      Also, the Hyatt would probably be having a Christmas dinner as well.

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      1. re: sweeterpea

        Hi, The Charcut is not open that night, but a good suggestion!

      2. Call for reservations, sooner than later as I understand the major hotels book up early.

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        1. re: Scary Bill

          I have called a bunch of the big hotels and the Palliser is the only one I have found that is open but I am sure I haven't called them all. Any suggestions?

          1. re: kds001

            Have you tried the Hyatt? You can try The Carriage House - but it's not downtown. Their food is quite decent and I think is an overlooked gem in the city.

            1. re: sweeterpea

              The Hyatt and the Carriage house both close at 7pm and my friends flight arrives at 4pm. These are the only two places I have found open at all. Anything else??

              1. re: kds001

                There is a Delta Hotel at the airport itself. They must be having a Christmas dinner. Also the Delta Hotel downtown.

                1. re: sweeterpea

                  One more!! The Delta Hotel downtown does have a 6pm seating for a Christmas buffet. I hope their 4pm flight isn't delayed......

                  1. re: kds001

                    If worse comes to worse they can eat at the Delta at the airport; maybe not Christmas dinner, but they can have something.

                    1. re: kds001

                      Try the Acclaim Hotel, which is near the airport. Apparently their Italian restaurant is very good.


                      Also, try the Westin and the Radisson, Hotel Arts.


                      1. re: kds001

                        If they arrive on time, it will maybe take an hour for customs, luggage and to get a taxi, and maybe half an hour to get downtown. I think they should probably make it. If they're 15 minutes late I don't think it's a big deal.

                2. re: kds001

                  If they're ok with it, try an ethnic restaurant such as a Chinese restaurant. Also, if they're willing to drive out of town the big hotels in Banff will have dinner, such as the Banff Springs.

                  They could also plan to be in the mountains for Christmas Day. The Emerald Lake Lodge is magical over Christmas and for sure would have a nice Christmas program. Paying a premium, for sure but if I wanted someone to experience a Canadian Christmas, that would be the place.

                  1. re: sweeterpea

                    The mountains are a great suggestion, and one that I posed to them as well. As their flight is quite long from Europe they understandably don't want to drive that night and the thought was to grab a meal and fall in bed, though it is turning out to be harder than expected to just 'grab a meal' on Dec 25th!
                    Thanks for the Chinese suggestion also. They would absolutely be happy for a Chinese, Indian, Thai.. meal of anything! I am hoping to have addresses to give to them as most of the hotels will have limited staff on duty and I don't want to leave my friends wandering around a deserted downtown hungry, without directions to an open restaurant, and jet lagged. Can you recommend a great Chinese restaurant which I can call to ensure they are open that night?

                      1. re: sweeterpea

                        I really thank you for all your effort on this topic!
                        They are planning to book a hotel in the downtown area as they won't have a car and would like to walk around the city on the 26th before I arrive to pick them up and take them to Fernie!

                        Both the Hyatt and the Delta have 6pm seatings for a Xmas buffet dinner and then room service menu's should the flight be delayed. (and therefore they will likely stay at one of these hotels) I am still hoping to find a chinese, indian or thai restaurant (or any restaurant) open that night so they have another option besides the hotel. Any suggestion would be great.

                        Thanks again for your help.

                        1. re: kds001

                          I like Chili Club (11th Ave & 5th St SW, ) for Thai.
                          The King & I (11th Ave & 8th St SW, ) has nice decor. I liked the food but it's been a few years since I've eaten there.

                          I didn't check if either place is open Christmas day.

                          1. re: kds001

                            Pretty much all Chinese restaurants should be open, they really never close on holidays. I'd highly recommend Tai Pan on Center Street N and 14th ave so not too far from downtown. You will probably have to make a reservation as holidays do fill up Chinese restaurants.

                            There's also Grand Central (16th) and Happy Hill (about 4th) that are also on Centre Street that are ok.

                            They would probably be better with booking a taxi for Grand Central and Tai Pan but Happy Hill is walkable from downtown and it's a nice scenic view along Centre Street.

                            Happy Hill
                            806 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E 8K1, CA

                            Tai Pan Restaurant
                            1518 Centre St NE #171, Calgary, AB T2E 2R9, CA

                            1. re: slingshotz

                              Yes if they are Chinese restaurants they are mostly open on Xmas day. Also Chinese grocery stores are open as well and this is usually one of the busiest days of the year for dim sum.

                            2. re: kds001

                              You're welcome ... I was getting worried for them, lol.

                              I suggest the Hyatt as the walk is not too far into Chinatown. Silver Dragon is always a good standby and a 5 minute walk from the Hyatt, hopefully it won't be one of those
                              nights where it's -30C

                              Silver Dragon: 106 - 3 Ave SE, 403-264-5326

                              If they don't mind cabbing it (not sure how easy it is to get a cab either on Christmas Day) Central Grand is my fave in the downtown area.


                              Their dim sum is fabulous too, if they decide to do that on Boxing Day. There will be a long wait if you don't get there early, say around 10:00 am. Dim Sum is very good at Silver Dragon as well, again get there early.

                              For Indian, Namskar is not too far from downtown; it's a classy restaurant befitting of a Christmas meal; excellent food, though a bit pricey; they will need a cab:


                              1. re: kds001

                                If your friends need Fernie food suggestions and if you aren't too familiar with the town, let me know and I'll be happy to recommend some of my faves. Not too sure if this can be done within this thread, but I am happy to help.

                            3. re: kds001

                              Happy Hill is absolutely open Xmas day- I've eaten there on Xmas day. Also open will be Sun Chiu Kee and Calgary Court, I'd bet the farm that they will be open.

                              Happy Hill
                              806 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E 8K1, CA

                              Calgary Court Restaurant
                              119 2 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0B2, CA

                      2. Raw Bar in Hotel Arts is open with seating to 7pm it's close to downtown and quite good.

                        1. Hello from Calgary!
                          I've also been looking for a place in Calgary and I just called the Calgary Tower and they haven't yet figured out their Christmas (Dec 25) dinner plans, and asked me to call back on Nov 25th ( guess they won't have it worked out until then) I know it would be pricy but a great experience for your out of towners if you could get in and sit at the top for dinner. I'm going to call a few more hotels tonight...if I find more info, I'll post back for you. In the mean time if you find a great place, please post back as I would appreciate it. Cheers!