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Nov 15, 2010 10:09 AM

Metro North, Princeton

Metro North recently opened in the old Rusty Scupper / JL Ivy location. J and I had dinner here on Friday and for the most part, it was OK.

We arrived around 7 without a reservation and were told by the hostess and the manager/owner(?) that it'd be about 30 mins. No problem as we'd like to enjoy a drink and we proceeded to the bar.

Two bartenders were working the busy bar and while we were waiting to place our drink order, the bartender in front of us was busy blasting one of the servers standing next to us, over an incorrect bill. J and I were about ready to cut and run after the outburst but decided to stick it out. J ordered a glass of tempranillo off the wines by the glass list.

Our table for dinner was table 52, a deuce against the left wall in the back dining room furthest from the entrance. The layout of this area was too packed. 3 or 4 fourtops are squeezed into the center of the room with the deuces along the wall, leaving little room for traffic. The result was one of my biggest dining pet peeves: a parade of backsides and frontsides squeezing by (in too close proximity) throughout the evening.

For apps, we ordered the calamari toscana and the mussels. For entrees, J ordered the chicken saltimbocca and I ordered the veal saltimbocca.

The calamari was terrible. Very thin slices, deep fried to a cardboard consistency. Low quality product overcooked. The mussels were much better, plump and meaty with a good sauce. The garlic flatbread/cracker served with the mussels would have been great if it had a fraction of the garlic powder on it.

Both entrees were very good and we'd order both again. Service throughout was also very good. Dinner for two with (2) glasses of wine was just under $100 including tax and tip.

So our takeaway . . . an overall middle of the road experience, enough variety on the menu to satisfy the masses, hints of good things but nothing to make a special trip for, yet.

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  1. Try Padrino's in Hamilton. The menu is more creative and sounds like it's much better executed. And cheaper.

    1. We went Saturday nite,early. It was nearly empty but they put us all by ourselves along the back, against the windows. It was cold back there. Next time I wwould want to sit nearer the bar which has more atmosphere. We asked the waitress about the portion size of the small and large caesar salad as 3 of us wanted one. She said they were on different sized plates, and despite our again questioning as to the amount a salad would serve, all we could get was a shrug. Food was ok,portions on the small side, but prices weren't too bad(for princeton.) If we go back , I would sit at the bar or in the lounge--much cozier. Tho i imagine if the restaurant was full where we were seated would've been fine.

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        1. Well, Metro North ... charge me $9 a glass for wine that costs $9.99 a magnum retail, and I'm not likely to go back .