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Nov 15, 2010 09:59 AM

rehydrating dried cranberries.....

I'm making a relish for a pot-luck this week. It includes tart apples, (fresh) cranberries and raisins. The liquid base is cider vinegar.

I'm not a fan of fresh cranberries, so plan to sub with dried cranberries. What liquid(s) would be a suggested option for rehydrating. (I plan to cut the amount of vinegar by 1/2 with water).

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  1. You could use apple cider or apple juice, to keep the flavors strong.

      1. You also want to adjust the sugar. Most dried cranberries are already sweetened.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Definitely a good idea on the sugar, because I believe there's a certain amount called for in the recipe, probably to tame the vinegar. I think the intensity of sweet in the c'berries is from the concentration of natural sugars during dehydration. I'll have to read the bag. My curiosity is up!

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            Most commercial brands of dried cranberries add a lot of sugar.

            1. re: Sooeygun

              Yes, they are kind of coated with sugar. Makes them more palatable as snacks.

              You're right -- you need to take that into account.

          2. Rehydrate in cranberry juice. Even better if you can find unsweetened straight cranberry juice. Kind of difficult but I've found it in the natural foods aisles in some grocery stores and of course "health food" stores