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Nov 15, 2010 09:02 AM

What are You Pouring for Thanksgiving 2010?

I haven't made my selections yet and was wondering what yours are?

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  1. I know this doesn't get very good press on the wine board, but I have a strong emotional attachment to Beaujolis Nouveau. I buy a few bottles and keep them at my end of the thanksgiving table. A few guests join me, most don't, but it's MY thing. I will get some Cru this year, on the recommendations from some on the wine board. I found a simple red table wine from Sicily called Collosi Rosso. Hearty with some fruit and easy on the palate. I found a white pino grigio to my liking called Alto Adige. It speaks softly but has body and subtle flavor. You can tell I'm not a sophisticated drinker, but there's room for all of us on this board. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and let's be truly thankful to celebrate in this crazy world.

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    1. re: catspercapita

      I am *not* a huge fan of Beaujolais Nouveau, but I **always** serve Cru de Beaujolais at Thanksgiving . . . a great match, IMHO.

      1. re: zin1953

        I was disappointed with the Cru de Beaujolais that I had last year. I'm sorry in that I don't remember which one it was. Any specific recs?

        1. re: JAB

          I don't know what part of Los Angeles you're in, but if you're near Long Beach then The Wine Country in Signal Hill has several good Cru Beaujolais.
          Topping the list will be Lapierre's 2009 Morgon. I bet JBL will agree with that, especially at $23 a bottle. Lapierre's budget gamay, the Raisins Gaulois, is $13 a bottle and tasty, although not as serious as the Morgon (it's not a Cru, either).
          The 2008 Thivin Brouilly is also a good wine. I suspect just about all of them will be tasty, since it's two good vintages. Also consider the 2009 Beaujolais rose.

          Also consider pinot noir for turkey, Again, looking at The Wine Country's Web site, I like Copain 2007 "Tous Ensemble" Pinot Noir Anderson Valley for $28 and Talley 2007 Pinot Noir Arroyo Grande for $30.

          1. re: SteveTimko

            Thanks Steve, Hi Times in Costa Mesa is usually my go to wine merchant.

          2. re: JAB

            a) Vintages matter.
            b) Producers matter.
            c) New vintages of Crus de Beaujolais is often too young for immediate consumption.

            I still have some 2005 Brouilly that's stunning, but -- yes -- the 2009 Lapierre's Morgon is exceptional.

            1. re: zin1953

              It was a new vintage that i had last Thanksgiving. Thanks for seconding Steve's 2009 Lapierre's Morgon rec.

              1. re: zin1953

                My interest stirred by the comments here, I ordered a couple bottles of Lapierre's 2009 Morgon. It didn't arrive until friday and, frankly (selfishly), I'm glad. I truly enjoyed its exuberant charm with my day after sandwich. Nice wine, nice call . . . thanks!

            2. re: zin1953

              I'm also going with the cru Beaujolais this Thanksgiving, definitely including the 2009 Lapierre Morgon (with sulfites - wish I could find a bottle in the Boston area without sulfites to try). I like this wine very much, but am also looking forward to a few from the more minerally side of Beaujolais street. Thus, the lineup also includes:

              2009 Domaine des Terres Dorees (Jean-Paul Brun) Morgon
              2009 Domaine du Vissoux (Pierre Chermette) Vieilles Vignes Cuvee Traditionnelle
              2009 Jean Marc Burgaud Morgon Cote du Py Vielles Vignes (hopefully - if it arrives in time!)

              Also serving R. Lopez de Heredia ViƱa Bosconia Reserva-2002. Not sure about still whites yet, but I'll probably pop at least one bottle of Gosset Brut Excellence.

            3. re: catspercapita

              Alto Adige is where the PG is from. ;)

              I'm not drinking this Thanksgiving. Only four months to go...

            4. We're having two turkey days! So, a Reininger carmenere, and a really nice, old French mourvedre.

              1. Caymus and Shafer Cabernet............

                1. 2001 Domaine Valette Pouilly-Fuisse Clos Reyssie

                      1. re: catspercapita

                        When considering what's typically served at Thanksgiving like cranberry sauce and yams along with stuffing and obviously turkey a beverage that is fruity enough to compete with sweeter things on one hand and dryer and breadier things on the other is a good choice. Plus apples say fall.

                        1. re: Chinon00

                          Yep. And the bubbles work with the fatty stuff. Not too boozy so no one gets too, um, loose. Lots of good ones being made these days in a lot of places.