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Nov 15, 2010 08:29 AM

Italian/Family Friendly btwn Christmas Village and Upper Darby

Hello fellow Chowhounds,

I am in search of a place to eat around or on the way home from Christmas Village in Bernville, PA on Sunday 11/28, prefferably close to the turnpike if possible, but more than willing to drive into towns if worthy.

There will be 5 of us (2 grandparents, myself, pregnant wife and 3 yr old) and we want to find something family oriented if possible. We usually go to the Texas Roadhouse in Reading on the way home (Upper Darby), but my wife has become intolerant to red meat this pregnancy, and I'm trying to stay away from chains.

Looking for a decent Italian red-gravy place if possible. Any Italian will suffice, as well as any traditional family friendly places (pizza, burgers, etc).

Thanks for all your help.....

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