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Nov 15, 2010 07:58 AM

Charleston SC Caterers?!

We are planning a wedding in Charleston and I am interested to find out whom everyone recommends. It's a causal wedding, nothing lavish. We are currently talking with Gourmet Bay, as their prices and flexible menu options seem the most reasonable. Thanks!

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  1. Gourmet Bay is great-nice people. I like Mrs. Hamby's too. I've been to many weddings catered by her and it's always wonderful.

    1. Where are you having the reception? Some venues have their own caterers, so make sure you check.

      1. I was married this past year, and we used Cru Catering. The food was outstanding, people are still talking about our food months later. We also used their bar service, and their prices we some of the best in town. I also thought their waitstaff was friendly and professional, plus my contact at Cru was extremely nice and helpful. I also spoke to plenty of other caterers around town so I might be able to offer some more insight if you have specific questions.

        1. Not sure what you're planning for dessert but if you're going casual and want something other than a traditional wedding cake, I highly reccomend 3.14 Pies for whole pies, mini pies, etc. Amazing pies, fun flavors, and they use organic ingredients too.

          1. I recently went to a wedding that was catered by Eric Gaffin at New was out of this world.