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Nov 15, 2010 07:30 AM

Restaurants in Suffolk County?

Hi there,

I live in Toronto, but my aunt and uncle live in Suffolk County. I want to give them a gift certificate to a restaurant in the area for Xmas, but have no idea where to send them. What are some of the top moderately priced, but not chain restaurants in the area?


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  1. Check out - it's in Jamesport on the North Fork. We were there a few years ago (now living in Manhattan without a car, so the trip is too much for us); friends were there recently and loved it. The only problem is I just checked their website and can't find any menus or prices. If you like the look of the place, maybe you could give them a call an inquire to see if it fits your budget.

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      That's because only the inn is called Jedediah Hawkins anymore, the restaurant is Luce and Hawkins, and also a more casual area called Luce Landing. Here is a link
      There are lots of nice places on the North Fork, but if they get the certificate at Christmas time they may have to wait til the spring to go. What town do your aunt and uncle live in, Suffolk's a pretty big place.

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          Then send them to the Lake House in Bay Shore. Wonderful, friendly New American with excellent wine list.

          The Lake House
          240 W Main St, Bay Shore, NY 11706

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            The Lake House is very nice but a bit pricey.Entrees run high $20s to $30s.The poster asked for moderately priced places.Two restaurants that I like that are fairly close to your Aunt and Uncle are (1) Mamma Lombardis.Italian restaurant in Holbrook.The food is good,portions are huge and prices are reasonable.
            (2) Porter's on the Lane in Bellport. Varied menu,good food,nice atmosphere,very good service.A bit more expensive than Lombardi's but should be less expensive than Lake House.

            The Lake House
            240 W Main St, Bay Shore, NY 11706

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          With North Fork restaurants like Luce and Hawkins there is always the possibility that they may shut down in the Winter months.
          Try Lombardi on the bay in Patchogue. Very good Italian and not too pricey.

      1. Since they're in Patchogue, why not send them to a popular local place like the Oar House (I checked, they're open all winter)

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          Also in Patchogue is Reese's. Very reasonable neighborhood place with fabulous burgers. If they live in Patchogue they know Reese's.

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              I love Chachama Grill, that's a great idea.

        2. Kitchen a Bistro-St. James
          Porto Vivo-Huntington
          Harbor Mist-Cold Spring Harbor

          1. patchogue is great area. there are tons of ehnic place i could list if they need.

            also harbor crab, lombardis & bobbiques are great