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Nov 15, 2010 07:27 AM

rice cooker size

As a family of 4 big eaters,what size of rice cooker would you recommend to cook meals in it?

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  1. i've made a good amount of food, plenty for 4 people with voracious appetites, in a 16 cup clamshell rice cooker.

    1. I think a 10-cup would be more than enough for a family of 4.

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        Agree. A 3.5-cup rice cooker will cook enough rice for two people, so a 10-cup should easily satisfy four, even if they are big eaters.

      2. Depending how many meal you want to cook one time. I think even a 5 cup rice cooker is more than enough for 4 people for a single meal. Now if you want to cook for 3 meals-worth of rice for 4 people, then you will need a 10-cup rice cooker or larger.

        1. 5 cup cooker is considered standard for a family by the manufacturers. Assuming that you really like rice, you should make it fresh every day or so. If you want to "stockpile" rice for several days, then consider bigger cookers.