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Nov 15, 2010 07:22 AM

Best place to go in Homestead

I have an important client to take out on Saturday night in Homestead and would appreciate any recommendations for dinner. Not concerned about cost or type of food just great service and food.


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  1. I'm a life-long Homesteader, born there in 1962 and my family settled there in 1906. I know the area pretty well. This is RACE WEEKEND in Homestead and restaurants there will be packed, food will be iffy, service poor. Taking an important client to any restaurant there is a recipe for DISASTER. And other than The Capri in Florida City (italian/average/consistent/but great pizza) the other choices are chains like Applebees, Chilis, Red Lobster, Sonny's and Longhorn.

    You're in a world of hurt here! May the force be with you.....


    10600 W Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414

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    1. I'm driving the TPK from Palm Beach County down to the Keys today. I'm looking for quick, cheap, good Food Trucks or Roadside Shacks in Homestead or Florida City area - within a couple of minutes from a TPK exit.

      Mexican or BBQ most prefered. NOT looking for Keys-ey places (Alabama Jacks etc) on this particular trip.


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        Sorry I didn't see this sooner....Rosita's in Florida City would have been solid......There was a little BBQ trailer on Palm Drive....west of US1 that I thought was just OK.....but not sure if it's there anymore.....After's Slim Pickins......

        Ft. Pierce

        (Homestead resident from1962 - 2005 and still visit there weekly)

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          If you're still looking for somewhere to eat on your return trip, I'd suggest Taqueria Morelia. That's the best Mexican I've found in the area. Try the tacos de suadero or the ceviche tostadas.

          Taqueria Morelia
          961 W Palm Dr, Homestead, FL 33034

        2. El Toro Taco on Krome Ave in Homestead has some of the best Mexican food to be found in Dade County. It's informal, nothing fancy but the food is absolutely authentic and quite tasty. The service is friendly and casual and it is amusingly a byob ( bring your own bottle ) establishment which adds a bit of unexpected charm and fun to it if you plan ahead and bring yourself a cooler and make a pit stop at a grocery store or gas station with a selection of nice beers or a bottle of wine. The guacamole is beyond amazing! The chicken mole, chimigangas and the mexican pot roast (can't remember the spanish name for it) are super good and worth ordering. Homestead doesn't really offer any upscale places but plenty of mom and pop restaurants that do what they do well, if you like BBQ, Shiver's offers good old fashioned southern bbq or if you're in the mood for cuban, Mario's Latin Cafe is quite tasty. HOpe this helps, KIm

          El Toro Taco
          1 S Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030

          Mario's Latin Cafe
          1020 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030

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          1. re: KImKinMIA

            Sorry, Kim but I couldn't disagree with you more! El Toro's Mexican food is fair at best. Uninspired. Pedestrian. Tasteless. They have a great following and it's largely because folks LOVE the idea of bringing in their own beer and wine. The owner, Hector is a wonderful guy with a TON of charisma. And the place gets so loud you can't think straight and children fly around the place like they're at Chuck E. Cheese.

            You want the real Mexican food? Just go to Nica's about 75 yards from El Toro (behind the bandshell on Krome)....It's a cafe that serves authentic mexican food....platas tipicos....It's where the latin locals eat......Eat in or take out......Service always outstanding.....Meats are actually seasoned....stewed.....fresh.....tasty......Rosita's in Florida City is also a place where latin locals eat.....simple....always delicious.....

            BBQ? At Shivers? Maybe in 1968 when my family ate there every Saturday night....(LOL).....But these days....not so much.....