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Nov 15, 2010 06:42 AM

Why Is David Adjey?

Have you ever heard of the expression "Why Is?". You know "Why Is Paris Hilton"?
I feel that way about David Adjey. Everytime I see him on Food Network Canada, which seems to be increasing with The Opener, I wonder why he is so prevalent on FNC. He makes me cringe. To be fair I don't think I have ever tried his food, but as a TV personality I don't find him appealing at all. I don't like making personal judgements on people, but I just had to say that.

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  1. You could just not watch.

    I've only seen him on Restaurant Makeover and ICA and he makes me squirm (and not in a good way).

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    1. re: wattacetti

      I don't watch. But I find there are a disturbing number of commercials which include him while I'm watching other shows and that alone is annoying. And really I just don't understand what is appeal is and other people must watch him if FNC feel he is a ratings draw.

      1. re: pescatarian

        Oh esp. the really big advertisements that go on the bottom of the screen when other shows are on ... like, it's REALLY big!

      1. re: josey124

        I like him, too. I spent two weeks in Toronto in October, and I watched something or the other with him on almost every day. He grew on me. And there were a couple shows I really wish we had here in the U.S. Plus, they don't run infomercials for half the day on the FoodNetwork in Canada, they have actual programming on in the early morning.

        1. re: jeanmarieok

          I like the guy. I liked him on Restaurant Makeover and I really like his show "The Opener" or whatever its called LOL. Looking forward to the next season!
          Having said that, I can't bear his ads because they really diminish his chef chops so to speak. Having him speak eloquently about Tostitos? Really?? Doesn't sit well with me...

      2. He seems to punch consistently below his weight. Is he always nursing a hangover? I'm guessing that he, unlike many of the other 9-11 clinicians on FNC's makover shows, doesn't have a resto to call home, hence is always available for resto ER duty. I'm tired of the theme and particularly weary of the over-refreshed and sometimes splenetic Adjey.

        1. Yep. He does indeed look as though he's hung over, doesn't he? I don't have strong feelings about him either way at this point....but the FN seems to be attempting to create a character for him, so his angry/astonished-at-the-incompetence/fearful-that-the-restaurant-won't-open/ blah blah is getting a bit old.

          I wonder what he's like when he's being, you know, just him.

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          1. re: SherBel

            I've seen him at a restaurant with a woman I can only assume was a date. It wasn't pretty.

            I was having a drink with a friend and he came in all self-important with a model-type wearing a massive Russian fur hat. I think she kept it on all night. I tried not to listen to the conversation but he seemed to be showing off and talking about himself the entire time.

            Practically lost my appetite. I mean, I've tried Nectar and it was good but he's no Thomas Keller or Eric Ripert. And now he's completely sold out and is peddling cheese.

          2. David and the crew from Frantic Films just finished shooting an episode of "the Opener" for a restaurant my family just opened.
            I will be the first to say that I had some MAJOR reservations about the whole show-in the I have to say that Adjey and his crew were great.
            As far as the help/advice he gave us prior to and during the opening-sincere, honest, and spot on-and trust me-there aren't many more cynical than me...:)
            Yes he comes across a certain way-but we are glad to have met him.

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            1. re: satch007

              Mr. Adjey has obviously acquired a cracker jack agent. You don't get all those tv gigs by being good in the kitchen. Someone is beating every bush in town to keep this man working. I must say he is looking better all the time. Just saw an old Restaurant Makeover, and he looked like death warmed over, but now I guess that he is bringing in serious cash he can hit the spas before he hits the makeup chair and the hot lights. He will probably burn out in the very near future unless he get ssome gig like Anthony B.