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Nov 15, 2010 06:39 AM

what shall I bake to use 3 egg yolks?

Made lemon drop cake today and have yolks left over.

Any suggestions for using them up? Would normally make some rich savoury sauce but am on a diet so want to bake something I can give away.


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  1. Lemon bars
    Have an ice cream maker? Make a custard based ice cream

    Not baking, but pasta alla carbonara

      1. you could make some really good pasta! fresh pastas always make good gifts

        1. I'd make mayo.
          And then immediately give it to someone who is not on a diet.
          And tell them to use it within three days.

          1. These crackly sugar cookies are great and can easily be given away:


            They're easy to doctor up w/ fresh nutmeg, orange or lemon rind, etc.