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Nov 15, 2010 04:00 AM

coventry deli - flavored oatmeal

i know that most dont consider oatmeal chow-worthy but i recently discovered the oatmeal bar at coventry deli on market st between 20th and 21st, and i am in love! their flavored oatmeal (changes daily, menu found here: is delicious.

i highly recommend you guys give this place a try! they open early but close at 3pm i think

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  1. I've never tried the oatmeal bar, but been to Coventry Deli many times and never disappointed. Everything's fresh, unfortunately cater to the business crowd and close early!

    1. Are these sweetened and flavored oatmeal?? I'm intrigued; however, I avoid sugar.

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      1. re: Seeker19104

        ah, then maybe the flavored oatmeal is not for you :( it is sweetened, but not overly sweet or heavy. the creamy texture is a result of the long cooking time. i imagine the regular oatmeal is pretty good too- get some fruit and youre good to go

      2. Coventry Deli's oatmeal is addictive. I don't know how they make it, but it is exceptional. I roam around all over the city for work and when ever a co-worker mentions oatmeal, we drive all the way down to 20th and Market.

        1. Not to change the subject but I've never heard of this place before (can't believe I missed it) and wonder if anyone has had any of their baked goods...specifically cakes? Thanks so much and thank for the oatmeal recommendation--it sounds great!

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          1. re: Laura D.

            Their cakes are quite good. Since they are across the street from our office building, it's the place we go most often for birthday cakes. They have a very nice strawberry shortcake sheet cake that's made with a very light cake, real strawberries and a wonderful whipped cream icing. Not gaggingly sweet, like many other cakes. They have great breakfast items (in addition to the oatmeal), & terrific lunches. Orering a sandwich at lunch can get a little crazy, though. Don't be intimidated -- they are very nice. No sandwich nazi's here!

            1. re: karl_o

              Not at all. I work in one of the building across the street & go there frequently (as do many of the people I work with). We often get cakes for office celebrations from Coventry.