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Nov 15, 2010 03:34 AM

This recipe (chicken in vanilla sauce) is either a stroke of genius or just has way too much going on and I can't figure out which it is...

I came across this recipe that I am dying to try...

Part of me thinks that it could be absolutely amazing.

The other part of me thinks that it might just be a bit too busy (i.e., competing flavours, too much happening


I will try it, one day - hopefully soon. I'm really looking forward to it!

But until then, I'd be really interested to see what other chowhounders make of it. Stroke of genius, or too much going on?

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  1. I don't quite get the reason for both whiskey and rum in the vanilla infusion, either would be good with vanilla, or the soy sauce and the cognac in the marinade, although it's a small amount for seasoning, so it's in, and the honey is an odd sweetener for that part of the world, but the recipe did originate in an island in the Indian Ocean, so you have to consider that influence in the ingredient combinations used in cooking this dish. It has African/Indian/Asian/European roots.

    Curcuma=tumeric, I don't know if you knew that.

    I would make this. I'd skip the whiskey and up the rum a bit. Otherwise it sounds good to me. It could very possibly be quite amazing.

    PS I only thing I really objected to was the blogger's use of blue type, truly hard to read. Sadly, all the reviews are in French. I translated some of them and the interest in the use of vanilla in a savory dish was high, but only a few actually made the dish, and those reviewers enjoyed it very much.

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      Thanks so much for the curcuma = tumeric and the other translations. I was going to google curcuma but hadn't got around to it.

      Yes, the blue type did make it a challenge to read!

    2. I think with a few minor revisions (such as eliminating one of those liquors) this could well be a pretty amazing dish. I'd never thought about using vanilla, but with those spices to temper it it wouldn't be too sweet. I say, go for it. (Edit) Oh, like bwg said above. Whoopsie.

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      1. re: mamachef

        Thank you for your input! I'm thinking this dish could be pretty amazing too :)

      2. I say make the recipe as directed. It is annoying to me when I give a recipe to someone and they say it was good but didn't taste like mine- then I find out they left out this or that or sustituted x for y. There is quite abit of whiskey and only 1 tbsp rum. Why eliminate the whiskey and user more rum when the whiskey is more dominant?

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        1. re: emilief

          Oh yes, it really annoys me if someone reviews a recipe having changed a number of things - it's just not the same recipe.

          But on the other hand, sometimes I use recipes as a springboard for other ideas, and that's good too!

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            Because I like rum better?? That would be my personal preference. If whiskey is preferred, don't use the rum. Either liquor works with vanilla.

            The OP was thinking that possibly the recipe was too busy with competing flavors. X-ing the whiskey was my suggestion for reducing some competing/busy flavors. Aside from that small change, I think the dish would be great for my taste.

            Perhaps ursy should try it entier first, then make adjustments, if necessary.

          2. there is a lot going on there! I have a Jean-Georges Vongritchen/Mark Bittman recipe for roasted chicken with vanilla, and it is quite good. I am not sure how you can taste vanilla among the marinade and coconut milk in this recipe though. but if it sounds interesting to you, try it!