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Nov 14, 2010 05:58 PM

THE NEXT IRON CHEF: "Seduction" (Season 3, Episode 7) [Spoilers]

Winner was Chef Canora

Chefs Tio and Tsai are going home.

Sorry, no recap tonight. I've got my hands full, literally, making dumplings, baozi, and xian bing.

Have at it.

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  1. Good episode. Sad to see Tsai go but the judges never did warm up to him. Regardless I am basically 95% sure Forgione was going to win as he made an appearance on RR with the other Food Network guys a few weeks ago. Didn't watch but seemed odd they'd only promote a contestant. Seems more network friendly than an older Canora.

    1. Canora was definitely the clear winner. However, I was surprised to see Forgione over Tio and Tsai. Given that he had a dish that all three judges didn't like I was sure he was going home.

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      1. re: Ladycale

        I thought he wouldn't go on either. Really sad to see Tsai go. I had so hoped for him to win.

        1. re: libgirl2

          +2. i totally thought that pasta was going to be Forgione's ticket home...and the way Canora was trash-talking Tsai all season, i suspected the editors were setting them up as the final two.

          sad to see Ming go, i've always loved him. i *really* hope Forgione kicks Canora's butt in the finale!

        1. re: Shrinkrap

          Mine too. But I was kind of "anybody but Canora" tonight. I was really hoping it would be Tio and Forgione, but I would have taken Tsai in the mix.

        2. Forgione had me at the Mezcal tonight. Incredibly hard spirit to use in a drink. God, I hope he pulls it off next week. I truly really, really dislike Canora

          1. No. way. There was some bias going on here. Batali appears less frequently on Iron Chef (still fuzzy on what's going on) and they wanted a new Italian guy. All season I've watched these judges go O-face over Canora's food--most of which seemed pretty simple to me (e.g. the fruit salad on the buffet episode). Then, tonight, Tio was clearly better than Forgione--he once again messed up his pasta! I'm not sure what they had against Tsai all season, but he was definitely judged harshly, although sometimes rightly so (e.g. pork and pineapple). Sorry to be all conspiracy on you, but my theory is that they are motivated to have a new Italian Iron Chef and Canora is the chosen one. Forgione has not performed consistently and I doubt he can beat Canora. But, regardless, FN gets a new Italian ICA.

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            1. re: stuck_in_ohio

              Batali and FN had a falling out a while back. He still appears in the intro but is no longer part of the IC program. If I'm not mistaken, he hasn't appeared at all since '08 - only as a part of the super chef battle with Emeril

              1. re: ramenbound

                Batali is no longer connected to TVFN. I don't know why his photo is still among the Iron Chefs.

                I too was really rooting for Ming Tsai, and I felt he was held to a different standard than the other chefs all season.

                I'm afraid it's a losing cause, but I sure hate to see Canora as The Next Iron Chef. Don't see Forgione beating him.

              2. re: stuck_in_ohio

                I hate to be so cynical but when Canora started winning fairly consistently when his food didn't seem to be the best, I immediately thought of the whole Batali situation. I was 100% sure they were going to choose an Italian chef to replace Mario Batali.

                But what do you expect? All this stuff isn't real. There was a thread a few years ago, which included a link to an article written by someone who had attended a taping of Iron Chef. I think this is it:

                The whole timed contest is fake. They get to re-cook the food for the judges because by the time the technical aspects of the taping take place, the food is cold/ruined. So even if they over/undercook the food during the contest, the food that is served for judging is cooked without any time constraint. The Iron Chef the challenger will battle has already been chosen. That's the only real Iron Chef in the stadium. The others are stand-in look-alikes. And so it goes on. Not much of Iron Chef is as it seems.

                I'm not upset because I expect this from the Food Network but I remember really enjoying the first season of The Next Iron Chef. I missed the second season. Not sure why - I don't think it was broadcast in Canada and I can't find any working links online. Anyway, the first season was great - it introduced me to a lot of great chefs and I respected the credentials of the judges. This season, not so much.