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Nov 14, 2010 05:27 PM

Sol Sundays @ Sol Kitchen (home delivery)

A new concept was started last week for football and food fans called Sol Sunday. Cooking in the Sol Kitchen are two chefs from Paradigm fame. The Sol Kitchen will deliver a tailgate party to your front door.

The menu is released on Monday night @ along with ordering info. $150 feeds 6. It includes Jello shots, two snacks, two sides, two "touchdowns" (mains) and dessert. The food is delivered to your door in easy to heat and serve trays along with a plates, utensils and a roll of paper towels.

We ordered this weeks menu and it was delicious and a tremendous amount of food. It's perfect for a group watching the games at home or heading to the stadium to tailgate.

This weeks menu:

Dark & Stormy jello shot
Kettle chips and charred scallion dip
Cracka' jax- soy caramel kettle korn with wasabi peas and ginger.

Deep South Brisket Po-Boys with gravy and dressing.
Peruvian Wings- aji panca wild black berry bbq sauce
Crawfish griddled cheese with fontina.

Huancaina Country Potato Salad
Brussels Sprouts with grilled chorizo


Oatmeal Cookies- smoked cranberry, white chocolate chunks and pumpkin seeds

The food arrived around 12:30 but they will accommodate your delivery requests.

The food was very impressive and much better than I expected. Two snacks, sides and mains plus dessert resulted in a generous amount of food. The inclusion of plates and utensils was an added bonus and a very nice and convenient touch.

The brisket po-boy and the brussel sprouts with chorizo were my favorite dishes followed closely by the crawfish bread and wings. The scallion dip was hard to put down and cracka jax was a perfect snack during the game. Oh and the jello shot featuring darrk rum and pop rocks was my kind of amuse-bouche

The brisket was really tender and packed with flavorful gravy that reminded me of the debris from Mother's in NO. The dressing was also excellent and a perfect combination. The chorizo and brussels were perfectly grilled and very tasty. The meat melted off the wings and were easily some of the most tender I've had. I'm always excited to see crawfish and the crawfish grilled cheese didn't disappoint.

I'm looking forward to ordering again in the near future as well as the playoffs and Super Bowl.
Could be a good call for holiday office parties too. (not sure if that is going to be an option but may be worth inquiring about)

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  1. This weeks Conference Championship menu is up. I also wanted to update my post because they now have a dedicated site with the posted menu.

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      What are they going to do once the football season is over?

      1. re: tpigeon

        Sol Sunday has the NFL attached to it but it's really all about getting people together for good times around a table of great food. It will continue after the NFL season concludes. Stay tuned...

        More about Super Sol Sunday in this month's edition of Edible South Florida -

    2. Sol Final Four with a capital B babyyyyyyy. Kidding, no clue. Maybe Sol Oscars? do people have Oscar parties?

      1. I really enjoyed this service. The food was great and the people where awesome! Im already waiting with anticipation for the Super Bowl menu to be posted.

        1. We enjoyed another Sunday of football thanks to the Sol Kitchen home delivery. The food was great again but they were unfortunately unable to deliver on their guaranty of a Jets win. As a result, the entire meal was comped KIDDING. (No guaranty is offered) You can see last weeks menu here

          My favorite dish this week was the Pittsburgh steak bites served with Pittsburgh potatoes. (Go Figure!!) Runner up was the Sheboygan Brat Patties topped with pressure-cooked mustard seed pepper kraut. The scallion dip was fantastic as usual.

          If you are a food lover and football fan, I highly recommend ordering a Sol Kitchen package for the Super Bowl. You are getting great creative comfort food prepared with cutting edge techniques. It should be noted that the delivery boy on both occasions was a Patriots fan so get your Giselle Brady jokes ready...

          Super Bowl Menu is up . I'm eyeing the Rickey Jackson Roll and the Iron Mike Wings

          Can Marino anything actually be a winner???

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            The Marino item is probably the best 2nd place item on the menu