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Nov 14, 2010 05:14 PM

Blue Star, Wolf, Viking or Thermador

We are remodeling our kitchen and I've spent days researching online as to the best cook top or range to buy. Any opinions? It must be a 36". I know I want gas burners. I thought I wanted dual fuel if I purchased the range but after reading some things, I'm not so sure. I want to be able to easily clean the oven. I thought I wanted sealed burners, but I've read some unfavorable comments about that too. Should I decide on the cook top (or range top) I will stack a warming oven, oven and microwave. Thank you for any advice.

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  1. There's been lots of (often heated) discussion about this here in the past. You can use the search to your advantage. If you haven't already spent time reading on THS at Gardenweb, I'd do some searching there, too.

    Here's one example:

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      Thank you, Ted. Clearly there is no clear cut answer. I'll continue to study these messages.

    2. Viking is my brand of choice. My range has provided me excellent service and dependability. Alot of people offer the opinion that the high end ranges are "eye candy" and offer no real advantage in performance.... I disagree... The performance is what has kept this range in my kitchen for all these years... I have to admit it is very nice to look at and we get alot of compliments on the kitchen because of the "curb appeal" the Viking product offers.... but the bottom line to me is performance and how easily it is to keep clean.... This range has offered me both and will remain in my kitchen as long as it continues to do so... There is no substitute for quality and that is built into the Viking brand...

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          I would rule out Viking....for details, see the many threads here about poor construction, terrible service, and on and on. I cannot tell you how much I shelled out for burner-ignition repairs in the first three years or so of ownership of my Viking.
          I would not buy one again. Just noticed that this is a 3-year-old thread brought up again by a first-time poster who is raving about his or her Viking....(??)

        2. Do NOT buy a Blue Star. It is durable and heavy duty with great heat, but not worth the money. We received terrible customer service, the oven makes a loud explosive noise when cooling down (which scares our dinner guests), the material rusts, and the oven has a strong smell of gas when preheating. I wish we'd chosen something else!

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            BlueStar is fantastic! We have one and don't have any of the problems you mention. With those problems maybe they will give you a new one?

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              So far the company has done nothing but blow us off and the store we purchased it from stopped carrying their products also due to Blue Star's lack of integrity and customer service. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I will try again.

          2. I've had a 36" Blue Star for five years and I'm lovin it. The pop noise (and it does occur, though rarely here) is the base plate contracting as it cools. Annoying, but the 36" BS oven is the largest in the industry and the base plate is big.

            Blue Star, Viking and Wolf are high end ranges that have competed successfully in the market for years because they are good. Sort out the features you like for your type and level of cooking and go for it.

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              We are looking at the Blue Star Platinum series 48" range. As I read through people's reviews and opinions, Blue Star seems to come up a winner again and again.

              Our current Jenn Air double wall ovens are user friendly with lots of features like convection, self clean, timers, probes, timed bake, etc. The cook top is a basic Jenn Air downdraft of yesteryear. The ovens have never worked right for the start. The current array of issues with are too numerous to list. Sometimes the hinges snap and the doors come off in your hands, for example. When we put the ovens in, we thought we were buying fairly good quality appliances.

              I don't want to make another expensive mistake. We are fine with all gas and learning to clean the ovens again the old-fashioned way. Since Blue Star is very basic in terms of features, I worry that we might miss some of them. Has anyone had this experience?

              The platinum series Blue Star is a relatively new product. It is not available in a 36" range yet, just a 48" and a 60". Here is a link to this product, The price was quoted by the one of the two distributers in our area for this range was around $12,000.

            2. Our house was equipped with Thermador dual ovens and a Thermador gas stovetop when we bought it. I had to have a technician in prior to each Thanksgiving to be sure I had at least one working oven. We never got both ovens to work at the same time for more than a few days. The stovetop was fairly reliable but there was one occasion when something went whacky and I got a 9" flame when I turned a burner on.

              Thermador parts always seemed to need to be special ordered and they were particularly expensive.

              I couldn't WAIT to replace those appliances and never even considered Thermador when we redid the kitchen. I now have a Wolf dual fuel range and a Kitchen Aid wall oven. I have been very happy with both of them and neither has required a repair in 6 years of heavy use.

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                In my last house, I installed and used the Kitchenaide "prosumer" 42 inch gas cooktop and convection oven with great results for ~10 years. When I sold the house, both appliances were working just as well as when they were new.

                The Kitchenaide refrigerator is a whole different story and turned out to be a poor choice.