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Nov 14, 2010 04:41 PM

Lunch on Thanksgiving Day-Birmingham/West Bloomfield Michigan

We will be visiting family in West Bloomfield, Michigan for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day we are visiting a cemetery in Birmingham. We will need to feed our kids lunch afterward. Any suggestions for places open on Thanksgiving Day (but not for a typical Thanksgiving meal---we are having that later) between Birmingham and West Bloomfield? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Rugby Grill in the Townsend Hotel.

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    1. re: RedTop

      Sorry jrp1229, But, I think RedTop has summed up the totality of it--the nice hotel restaurant. And, if you can spare some extra bucks, not a bad hotel restaurant, if memory serves me, from YEARS back.
      The other places in Birmingham which come to mind are Mitchell's, Cafe Via, Tallulah, and Forest Grill. But, none of those four place are open on Thanksgiving Day. If you have a great experience (wherever you end up) please report back.
      (maybe rainsux has some insider tips about West Bloomfield...that's out of my area of familiarity)

    2. Although this is geared to the traditional, Forte in B'ham appears to have other items available

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      1. Asian restaurants are more likely to be open on holidays than are American or more mainstream restaurants. Try looking for a Chinese or Indian place in that area, if your kids like that kind of food.

        Not sure what kind of eaters your kids are... if fast food will do, many fast food places keep limited hours on Thanksgiving.

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          My kids love Asian food. Maybe a Koney Island place would make sense. Any other ideas?

        2. Senate Coney Island in Keego Harbor is open 7am-2pm.