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Nov 14, 2010 03:27 PM

Mr. Crepe - is this typical?

I went to Mr. Crepe today for the first time. We had to make an unscheduled trip to a nearby pediatrician so I thought I would treat the kids - and myself - afterward.

At 4pm, there was only one open table, and it was loud & hot in there so I placed our order to go. After a few minutes, they handed me a paper bag that was screaming hot; the foil-wrapped crepes were stacked within and the bag was on its side, with the top folded over. Sorry if i'm not describing this well but basically the bag was packed so that it had to be carried on its side, and with two hands because it was too hot to put your hand directly under the crepes. I did not have two free hands to carry it that way since I had to manage the bag, a stroller and a preschooler with wanderlust. So I stopped a staffmember and asked if I could have a plastic bag, so I could, you know, hook the bag over my arm as I walked.

The staffer gave me a blank look like he'd never heard of a plastic bag. And then began a chain reaction of blank looks from the other staffers as my apparently crazy request got passed along. It occurred to me that the establishment might be anti-plastic-bag, so I tried to explain that I just needed something with handles so I could carry it more easily, but at that point they were all in a tizzy over the plastic aspect so I gave up and walked out, balancing the bag on my arm, still feeling the heat through my coatsleeve.

So can anyone tell me, is this typical? Are they an ubergreen establishment? I can understand the need/desire to reduce waste but it seems that if you are going to offer carryout, you should package the food so that it can be carried.

Sadly, I wasn't that thrilled with the food either. The crepes themselves were too thick and chewy for my taste. The ham in my ham and cheese was cut into a thick julienne, instead of thin slices, and the swiss cheese was blah (they didn't have Gruyere). The overall effect was more like taking a big bite of ham instead of a nice balance between ham, cheese, and crepe.

I guess we'll keep going out to the Burlington Mall for crepes at Appleseed, which I love but I wish they had the more traditional fillings on their menu. I miss a good ham & gruyere.

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  1. I feel your pain. If you ever get up north near Portsmouth, NH you should try the Silver Moon Creperie in Dover. Great food, great service.

    Silver Moon Creperie
    20A Third Street Dover, NH, Dover, NH 03820

    1. I've never noticed good service to be a hallmark of Mr. Crepe, tho I like the crepes better than you did (Not sure they travel well). They seem to hire clueless twenty-ish year olds who appear preoccupied with something other than your order.

      1. I rather like Arrow Street Crepes in Cambridge. Although I had a mediocre Thai chicken salad crepe there recently, and an almost undrinkable Italian soda, the Braised Leg of Lamb crepe was out-of-this world good. I usually get the smoked salmon crepe, which they were out of that day, and so prompted the happy experiment to the leg of lamb.

        1. I recommend the Paris Creperie to you. They have a v. good ham & gruyere crepe.

          Paris Creperie
          278 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

          1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I've been to Paris Creperie a few times but their crepes get kind of stiff and dry when they cool off...I suppose I am being picky about texture. Appleseed makes a nice thin crepe that stays pliant, even when it takes me 30 minutes to eat it because i'm also feeding the kids! My fave is the one with roast beef and horseradish sauce, I think they call it the Philadelphia. I also like the dessert crepes at Cafe Polonia in Dorchester - they're thin and tender - but the way they serve them it's really more like a blintz.

            Lipoff, is that the lamb crepe in the photo? I'll have to get over to Arrow Street one of these days, braised lamb sounds wonderful.

            Cafe Polonia
            611 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

            Paris Creperie
            278 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

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              It is indeed the Lamb Crepe in the photo --- sorry if that wasn't clear. Quid pro quo, because that Philadelphia Crepe sounds wonderful to me!