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Nov 14, 2010 03:13 PM

Thermapen @ Sur la Table for $15?

I just looked at the Holiday SLT catalogue, and saw that they are offering what LOOKS like a Thermapen instant-read, folding probe thermometer for $15.

Anyone know if it is indeed a Thermapen, or what the specs are?

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  1. It's NOT a Thermapen. Check this image of the real thing here: against the knock off on SLT's website. Other than a bendy stem, they're not the same critter. Did they promise you a freebiei if you got a bunch of people to look? Hey, do they do that? '-


    You know I'm just joshing you...

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    1. re: Caroline1

      Thanks, Car. BTW, I checked the specs this AM (They don't publish them in the catologue), and this unit only measures up to 235F.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        That's funny! In other words, it will tell you if the water is hot enough to boil an egg?

        1. re: Caroline1

          Yeah, no wonder they hid the ball in the catalogue. Makes you wonder how many of these will be returned after the buyer/giftee realizes it's pretty much useless.

          I'm almost finished w/ SLT. I have an uber-$$$$ copper fish poacher they sold that needed a replacement hook. After MONTHS of "checking", their CS geniuses just told me I'm on my own; they didn't even have contact info for the European maker! It was actually easier to file another one out of a chunk of brass than deal with them.

          1. re: kaleokahu

            Bummer. I too am less and less impressed with Sur le Table with every passing transaction. <sigh> Back to WalMart...! '-)

    2. Speaking of the Thermapen, do the people who have it find it worth it? Speed is the only advantage it has over a normal instant read - am i correct on that?

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      1. re: dcole

        It's real features are the ultra thin and sharp probe with the thermister at the very tip, and high recording range.

        1. re: GeezerGourmet

          Ahh - the tip makes sense. What do you use it for that the high range comes into play?

          1. re: dcole

            Range from 250 to 400 F is useful for candy making and deep frying. Some of the other digital thermometers work in this range but not all.

            The thermapen advertises that it works up to 572 F. Honestly, I can't think of any cooking applications for a thermapen at temps above ~400. Anyone else? I'm sure there are laboratory/industrial uses.

          2. re: GeezerGourmet

            Those are nice features of the Thermapen.

            But my favorite advantages of it are that it tends not to die for no apparent reason within a year of regular use, and the company that makes it stands by its products and will repair or replace it under reasonable circumstances (that's their reputation anyway, not first hand experience - happily my first thermapen is still alive and well).

            I went through several cheaper instant read thermometers before shelling out for a thermapen. If there's a good, RELIABLE, cheap alternative, I haven't seen it.

            1. re: cowboyardee

              Thermoworks replaced my "Super-fast pocket thermometer" after the piece that holds the probe cracked. No questions asked. It survived 7 months of daily use in a professional kitchen. I super glued the cracked one back together, will use it until it completely explodes. Not bad for a $29 meter, with 6 second response.

              I also have 2 thermapens also. No issues except for replacing a battery in the older one. Based on the workmenship, I don't think it will break unless I drop it in the fryer.

              Thermoworks got me addicted to Jellybellys, however.

          3. re: dcole

            They're pretty, too. Mine's lime green -- really easy to spot in the drawer.