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Nov 14, 2010 03:08 PM

What can I make with overripe pears?

Next time I won't buy fruit for the family when I am headed off for a business trip!

I have 5 still firm but very ripe pears...suggestions?

TIA, Sara

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  1. You can slice them and toss them with a touch of lemon juice, then melt a little butter in a large saute pan, add pears and a handful of brown sugar and let them caramelize over med-low heat. Great over gingerbread, super over ice cream. You can puree them, add a little lemon, and freeze them till you get back. ;-) and then make a pearsauce cake, like applesauce cake, unless you have time before you leave. You can make a chutney by coring and cubing them and cooking them down with a touch of port or red wine, sugar, chopped nuts, a splash of balsamic and some carmelized onion; this is great on chicken but if you've got kids at home they might not be enthused. You can core and cube them and use them in place of apples in a pear crumble or clafoutis.

    1. I usually caramelise peeled, havled, cored pears in some butter and honey; you could also make pear sauce (like you would applesauce) and substitute the pear sauce in an applesauce cake or muffins.

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        +1 on the pear sauce...I got ahold of some nice pears at the end of the summer off a tree and canned some pear sauce with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, brown sugar & a touch of pure, so good!

        1. re: Cherylptw

          Agree with the pear sauce, too.

          As a teenager, I discovered that mashed pears will stand in for applesauce quite nicely.

      2. first thoughts are pear butter or galleygirl's pear cake.

        pear cake recipe here:

        you might find other ideas in these threads:

        1. this was devoured, so i posted the recipe a few weeks back:

          2 sticks, plus 1 T unsalted butter
          1 cup sugar
          1/4 cup brown sugar
          4 eggs
          1 tsp vanilla
          1-1/4cup flour
          2 teaspoons baking powder pinch salt
          4 T cream
          2-6 pears, depending on size and personal taste

          pre-heat oven to 350.

          butter a 9-inch pie/cake pan and coat with brown sugar

          1. mix butter and sugars and beat until fluffy.

          2. add the eggs, one at the time, and stir well. add vanilla.

          3. sift the flour and baking powder together, mix some of it onto the batter, then add some of the cream then some of the batter....etc. until all is blended, finishing with wet, but mix as little as possible.

          4. smear half of the batter in the pan.

          5. peel and core the pears, cut in pieces, and spread out on the batter. pour on the rest of the batter, and add a new layer of pear pieces if you like. just push them a little down into the batter. (i used about 4 very ripe pears and dredged the pieces in cinnamon and ginger before pushing into the batter.)

          6. bake between 30-45 minutes, depending on the amount of pears used. (many pears - more moist - more time.) but check after 30 minutes to be sure. ready when a cake tester comes out clean.

          this can be made as a loaf too.

          the brown sugar caramelizes nicely to give a great crisp to the exterior of the cake and the cake itself just gets better after a day or two. delicious with vanilla ice or whipped cream mixed with a bit of plain yogurt.

          1. pear sauce, just enough water to coat the bottom of a sauce pan, remove once pears are warmed thru, whirl through a blender and you're good to go!