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Thanksgiving turned upside down

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Well, plans changed big time. Had a big dinner planned, which I was going to cook and have already purchased the food for, but economy, ailments, travel, etc. changed the last minute plans of our family and friends. So, from 12, we are now three. And I am not going to cook a 20 lb. turkey (which I already have in the freezer) for three! Any good suggestions for where to go for Turkey day? - And, yes, I can and will purchase a turkey breast if necessary, but since the MIL would rather meet somewhere in PDX, it would be great if we could at least find someplace open there. Help?

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  1. http://www.portlandfoodanddrink.com/2...

    Plus the Heathman hotel that has a great buffet including seafood. The couple times I've been, I felt the non-traditional stuff was great and the traditional fixings weren't so great. Which suited me just fine but might not suit others....

    The Heathman Restaurant
    1001 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

    1. Since MIL lives up the gorge, we ended meeting up at the Edgefield Winery Black Rabbit restaurant. Food was OK, just not what I was expecting. Will definately try somewhere else next time (would have gone to the Heathman, but the last meal we had with the In-laws was there and since FIL passed, it just had a few too many memories yet). Maybe next year if we have to eat out. But I hope I get to cook instead.

      The Heathman Restaurant
      1001 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

      , Gresham, OR 97030