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Oct 26, 2005 02:37 PM

Last American meal near LAX

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Hey, thanks in advance for any help, Chowhounds! My best friend is flying into LAX for a few hours this Monday, before she and her husband fly out to Asia and Europe for 4 months. They're not from LA, and would like one last American food dinner before they head out! What is good near LAX? I live in the Valley so I don't get down there much. Not fast food, more of a sit down restaurant, but not too pricey either, they're on a budget! Any ideas??? Thanks!

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  1. Pann's for the chicken, (I love the wings) or the stuffed chicken. Great all American googie architecture too.

    Open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.


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    1. re: WLA

      Exactly! LAX, American, inexpensive = Pann's!

      1. re: JB

        LAX, American, inexpensive, DELICIOUS = Pann's!

        In my opinion, of course...but it's where I'd want to go under those circumstances. And probably the first place when I got back.

    2. You can actually get a good meal without leaving LAX at Atmosphere, the space-age restaurant in the middle of the Jetson's-like dome at LAX. It's actually really good, and quite fun.

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      1. re: Aparna
        rabo encendido

        I thought the LAX place was called ENCOUNTER.

        So-so food that's a little overpriced, but the place is kind of fun. Great views of roaring planes in a Jetson's-on-acid setting.

        Encounter Restaurant
        (310) 215-5151
        201 World Way
        Los Angeles, CA 90045

        Website, complete with ultra-cheese James Bond lounge music, linked below.


      2. For "American" food I suggest Houston's in Manhattan Beach on Rosecrans (a 10-minute drive from the airport). The "Jetson's" Restaurant at the airport is pricey and the mediocre food is not worth the price (although it is a fun place to have a drink while waiting between flights).

        1. not sure how good it is, but the buggy whip is definitely traditional american food.

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          1. re: Baby Ruth

            buggy whip is not very good and is pricey. . .

            1. re: Baby Ruth

              Out dated about 50 years. But prices are from 2020.

            2. they have a daily grille i the tom bradley (international) terminal. it's not very fun to stay at the airport - but that is solid american food at reasonable prices.

              and i know you said no fast food - but i would love to have an in-&-out burger before i went to asia for a while. it's really hard to get a tasty american burger in that part of teh world (mcdonald's/burger king - yes . . . but i said tasty).

              or - you could go to M&M's on century (i think) - that is soul food and could satisfy the american craving - potatoes, chicken, gravy, etc.

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              1. re: dtud

                The M&M's by LAX is just down the hill from Pann's on Centinela.

                M&M's Soul Food
                5496 Centinela Ave.
                Los Angeles, CA 90045
                310 215-8186

                1. re: dtud

                  The one time I ate at the Daily Grill at the Tom Bradley terminal, I got a chicken burger. The chicken burger at any other Daily Grill is reliably good-but-not-excellent, but the waiter warned me that here it was different in some way that I forget. Anyway, it was really bad. For all I know the rest of the food is good, but that was my experience. That mezzanine level of the Bradley terminal is a cool place to hang out, though. There's an okay, very basic Japanese place there too.

                  1. re: joe

                    I really like the Daily Grill in the Bradley terminal. After three months in Cambodia or whatever, there is nothing better than a big BLT and a glass of properly made iced tea to bring you back home. And you never have to worry about missing your flight.

                    1. re: condiment

                      From the slow service I have experienced at Daily Grill I'd say there is a good chance one would miss a flight. I consider DG overpriced also.

                      1. re: JR

                        Overpriced? Perhaps. It's an airport restaurant. Although I haven't noticed much difference between its prices and the prices at the other Daily Grills, which I also enjoy.

                        As far as the restaurant being slow: you have got to be explicit about the time you need to leave to catch a flight or whatever, and the waitresses tend to ask about that sort of thing when you sit down. It is annoying when one is in a hurry to leave and the check is nowhere to be found...

                  2. re: dtud

                    I have spent time in Asia and I agree,
                    there is nothing like an In & Out burger
                    when you are off to a country that
                    does not offer this.
                    I made the same suggestion