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Irish/British food stores in Philly? Lyle's GOLDEN SYRUP

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I'm trying to make an old recipe that calls for golden syrup. Anyone know where I can buy lyle's golden syrup in Philadelphia?

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  1. Not in Philadelphia proper, but O'Neill's Market in Glenside carries it.

    1. I'd check Jonathan's Best in the RTM (I think they are also in Chestnut Hill?)

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        they are in c-hill (by the farmer's market). i'd suspect that *somewhere*, in both RTM and c-hill, you'll find it, as both have a variety of stores. the c.h cheese shop, in particular, is a likely suspect.

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          I have purchased Golden Syrup at Jonathan's Best.

        2. Wegmans has a large international section with a formidible range of British fare. I've seen Lyon's Syrup there in cans.

          1. I found it! They carry it at DiBruno's Center City, and yes, I was in RTM and Jonathan's Best does in fact have it as well. Thanks all.