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Nov 14, 2010 02:41 PM

Enchiladas on Sunday Night? [Santa Fe]

Any recs for good enchiladas for tonight? Preferably near the square. Was planning on the shed but just found out it's closed. Help!

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  1. Sorry I didn't see this yesterday! For posterity:

    Plaza Cafe is reliably good, in fact surprisingly so considering it's right on the Plaza and you'd think it would be a forgettable tourist spot. A kitchen fire shut them down temporarily (the southside location is still open), but they'll be back.

    The big draw at Maria's tends to be the margaritas (and I personally think they're a little bigger on ABV than taste), but they make pretty good New Mexican food too.

    Flying Star at the Railyard actually ain't half bad. Their red chile is better than their green, but it's consistently pretty tasty.

    1. The Pantry is reliable for tasty and inexpensive New Mexican food. They are open til 9 p.m. on Sundays.