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Nov 14, 2010 02:18 PM

pretzel bread & burger buns near Echo Park/Silver Lake

anyone know of any good bakeries near Echo Park/Silver Lake that carries pretzel bread or buns, and/or also a solid burger bun?

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  1. searching for pretzel bread too. i know of a vendor at the larchmont and beverly hills farmers market on sundays that also sells pretzel baguettes, but that's out of the way for me. i recently got some pretzel buns at trader joes and they were surprisingly very good, once heated up/toasted. too dry if you didn't do that. anyway, on the search so for some near the eagle rock area or miracle mile area.

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      If La Canada isn't too far out of your way, Hans Rokenwagner has a booth at the Saturday farmers market from 7:00 'til 2:00PM. They sell pretzels, pretzel baguettes, and pretzel rolls and buns,

    2. Locali Yours takeout (5825 Franklin) serves sandwiches on Pretzel bread, maybe call them or stop by to find out where they get their bread?

      1. Whole Foods offers up Rockenwagner - which is baked fresh locally. And Rockenwagner is pretty much the go to guy with pretzel burgers, so I assume they'd have pretzel buns and breads.

        Don't know if Whole Foods sells them, but at his bakery outlt on Arizona (near the 3rd St Promenade, they have pretzel croissants - which are great! Get 'em heat up - nice rich, touch of crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside with a little kiss of butter. I'm currently addicted to them, and must see treatment.

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          I love the Rockenwagner ones. I tried them at the Larchmont farmer's market. I had the rolls and the pretzels. Really good. Speaking of pretzel bread...I do like that pretzel bread sandwich with turkey at Trader Joe's.

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            OK, so yes, I HAVE had those!!! that's my favorite pretzel bread, from the vendor at the larchmont farmers market, and also the same vendor is at the beverly hills one. it's so good unfortunately i am not in that area much anymore.

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            i'd like to say thanks for the whole foods suggestion- while i didn't find pretzel bread for sale i did notice that they make sandwiches with it! i'll be getting one soon.