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Nov 14, 2010 02:10 PM

What's with Chifa

After hearing some good things about Chifa we decided to give it a try. We had a group and were able to try a number of menu items. On the positive side - service was great, decor and seating arrangements were very nice.

The cheese buns they serve at the beginning of the meal was just like we had in Argentina. They were excellent. The Chifa chicken was very good. Prepared like asian duck with the skin intact but the fat cooked off.

Thats were the good stuff ended. I inquired about the soup and was informed that it had a substantial amount of heavy cream. The duck buns were filled with very fatty duck. The vietnamese spring rolls were not fresh spring rolls but a deep fried mess. Very greasy and looked like shrimp tempura. The red curry, which our server said was her fav, was more like curry soup. There was so much sauce on it that it drowned everything. The crab ingredient consisted of two or three tiny pieces of crabmeat. The lamb ribs were 90% fat.

Why can't talented chefs make some attempt at somewhat healthy flavorful foods? There could be at least a few items on the menu that aren't deep fried or drowned in fat.

After leaving the restaurant we all felt like we were going to hurl from the fatty dishes. We had a somewhat similar experience (tho not as bad) at Distrito. We had to laugh when they offered us a dessert menu.

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  1. I hear you, joluvscards. Not about Chifa, per se--I haven't been yet--but about fat's increasingly prominent role in fine dining. We're having a fat moment--fatty one-upmanship is everywhere in the in restaurants in Philly and elsewhee, and I can't handle it.