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Glazed Carrots?

I want to make some glazed carrots tonight for dinner. I've read a lot of recipes that either call for honey, sugar, brown sugar or maple syrup. How to choose? Help me out and give me your best glazed carrot recipe. And I have made them before, but it was so long ago, I can't remember which one I used. I have baby carrots that need to be used.

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  1. It's really a matter of taste! Which one sounds best to you?

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      That's the problem. They all sound good!

    2. try this, maybe? saute in butter, add a touch of brown sugar, then braise in an oaky chardonnay and fresh chopped thyme. normally don't like oaky chards but it's good with the sweet carrots.

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        Unfortunately I don't have chardonnay. Only Chablis at the moment. Will that work?

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          sure! maybe add a little more sugar.

          LW's recipe below sounds really good - the ginger is what got me. love ginger.
          i bet you could do her recipe and then sprinkle some chopped fresh thyme on them - the sweetness with the herby thyme is really tasty.

      2. I like to poach mine in butter and then glaze with demi-glace'.

        1. They are good with a little butter and orange juice.

          1. This is the one my mother always makes (and I'll be making for T'giving):

            8 large carrots, sliced lengthwise
            1/2 cup honey
            4 Tbsp brown sugar
            4 Tbsp vegetable oil
            1 tsp lemon rind
            1/2 tsp ground ginger (I always add more)
            1/2 tsp salt

            Peel and cut carrots into 3" pieces. Partially cook carrots in boiling, salted water for about 5 minutes. Drain. Add honey, brown sugar, salt, and oil. Cook over low heat, uncovered. Stir occasionally, until carrots are tender and well glazed, approximately 15 minutes. Stir in lemon rind and ginger.

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              I use a few tablespoons of butter and some maple syrup. It's a big hit around here!

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                This sounds fabulous. But - can I sub a tad lemon juice as I don't have a fresh lemon available? Have a hunk of ginger in the freezer, so that would be great (as I love it too). Also, what do you think about using butter instead of oil as sweetpotato below mentions?

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                  boyzoma, lemon juice will be MUCH more tart than just the lemon rind - perhaps start off with a 1/2 tsp. of lemon juice and do a little taste test to make sure it's not too tart. I've also used fresh ginger in combination with the ground, but I had to be careful as my family isn't as enamoured of ginger as I am.

                  If you were going to use butter, I'm not sure I'd use as much as called for in the recipe I posted. But I don't see why it wouldn't work - unsalted butter, that is, since it does call for salt in the recipe. The oil and honey, however, do give it a nice glaze.

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                    Good call on the lemon juice. Maybe just a dash. I think I'll just follow your recipe otherwise to a T. Sounds good. I was looking at a lot of other recipes and none of them used both the brown sugar and honey (which I was thinking would be good). Didn't even think about the ginger, but since DH and I both love it, what a find! Thanks so much!

                    1. re: boyzoma

                      You are quite welcome! I hope you like it as much as my family has enjoyed it over the past 30 years!

              2. On the odd occasion that I want sweetened glazed carrots, I make them to a pretty standard Vichy style like this one: http://www.cuisine-french.com/cgi/mdc...

                1. For future reference, this is how I do a very simple mustardy glaze:

                  For about 1/2 lb of carrots, melt 1 T. butter with 1 T. brown sugar; whisk in 1/2 T. grainy Dijon mustard (or smooth, whatever your preference). Toss cooked carrots in sauce; salt & pepper to taste. Sprinkle w/ some chopped parsley, chives, or fresh thyme if you're so inclined.