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Nov 14, 2010 09:20 AM

Red Ginger Delivery

I ordered this week Red Ginger for delivery. Red Ginger is the old Village Sechuan on Decarie Blvd in NDG. Horrible horrible; took and hour and 40 minutes (no joke) for delivery and each time I called (2x) the man answering the phone told me the delivery left an hour ago!!!???

Delivery finally came and being so pissed that it was the driver who was at fault did not tip him. Well, he refused to leave without a tip. To the point he scared me. Finally I told him I was going to yell for my neighbor and he left.

I called right away back to the restaurant, who couldn't care less.

Upon opening the bags they left out a $12 buck meal. I called back and they did refund my cc (I got a refund number as confirmation)...the sushi was awful in that the rolls were not properly formed and the rice of the nigiri kept falling off.

I had asked for a 'dinner for 2' and what he read off an unseen menu is not what was delivered. Each was a dish in and of itself price-wise and not a complete dinner. Packaged in a 'plate with compartments' half was the dish and half the rice....which meant for 12 bucks I got exactly a half cup of food and a half cup of rice.


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  1. Holy hell....this one might take the award for worst resto/delivery experiences seen on this board! :-(

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I nearly went there just a few days ago - ugh!

      1. If the guy was that threatening and the restaurant doesn't give a crap, that's where you call the cops or the better biz bureau. Seriously. Psychos shouldn't be showing up at women's homes and harassing them into tipping them. Psychos belong on police lists and in prison.

        1. yikes, that's awful, b_47. you probably want to wash your hands of the whole thing, but why not let them know what happened with the driver? I'm sure they would want to know. they've been there forever and are well-meaning. maybe they hired the wrong person.

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          1. re: bakersdelight

            bakersdelight I called immediately after I closed the door. The response was nil to poor. I asked if he was the owner and he denied it. The owner has not called. In all of my years of deliveries this is the first time I was actually scared.

            1. re: blondee_47

              Once again, you call the cops. I mean it.

          2. How exactly did he refuse to leave without a tip? Did he demand "where is my tip?" How did you respond? Did he offer an excuse for the late delivery? I'm just trying to picture the scenario and understand why you felt threatened, and if he was really to blame.

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            1. re: reelection

              It would be useful to know whether the delivery had indeed left the restaurant when they said it did. I have found that when asked where an order is they always reply that it already left. I have found that the best way to find out if the meal has really left you are better off asking if you are too late to add something to the order. If they answer no problem you know that Elvis has not left the building. In other words the driver might have just left the restaurant a few minutes before the OP's delivery, not a valid excuse about the tip but at least it might put things in perspective.