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Nov 14, 2010 08:06 AM

El Senor Frog Manhawkin NJ

I remember reading here about this restaurant.....has anyone been there lately?, interested in some reviews before I make the trek south.

Thak you

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  1. Went there Friday evening for takeout - the interior is a bit harsh in terms of seating and lighting, so I prefer to get the food to go. The owner is a really nice man, and extremely enthusiastic - when I asked him about the different pork fillings available, he ran into the kitchen and got us a plate of pork he'd been braising for six hours - "just taste it, and I'll wrap the rest up for you to take home and enjoy." It was fall off the bone/melt in your mouth good.
    We had an assortment of tacos, huaraches (my fave), quesadillas, and tortas - he sent us home with two sauces - one was a vibrant green cilantro sauce, and the other a picante that knocked our socks off. The prices are reasonable - the tacos come three to an order for $7.00.

    Enjoy and report back after your trek!

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      newfie29 thank you for the review.......I'll report back for sure.

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        Well I finally got a chance to try El Senior Frog today for has been on my list to try for a while & while working nearby I just had to stop in . I am SO glad I did as this was a real treat. let me start off by saying this was some of teh BEST Mexican Food I have eaten in a long time & believe me I have been to many all over NJ. Just a simple little place, very casual, in a strip mall but what a gem this is....the service was warm and friendly and very informative when I question a few dishes on the menu with my young server. Mamma was cooking in the back so i had the sense that this was gonna be traditional and delicious and it sure was. I ordered Empanada de Camaron, (Shrimp), This dish alone was AMAZING, the pocket was deep fried and "so light" & crispy to the taste loaded with shrimp and oooozing cheese and sauce,.it can be made with Scallops also,..served with a home made spicy mayonnaise OMG!!!...Tacos Al pastor Pork,
        De Longoniza Mexican sausage, Carne Enchilada with Spicy meat.....sooooooo goood wow! The best part is that mamma makes home made tortillas to die for I'm not kidding they melted in my mouth, I 'll even go to say BEST I ever had anywhere. I must return to try more......give it a try I think you'll like it!

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          I forgot to mention that little orange sauce in the right top corner of the picture is their Homemade Habanero
          Hot Sauce!............just a fork tip dip on the tacos is more then enough heat........I like it!! just ask for it.. ;-)

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            A tripadvisor review from September stated it is now under new ownership. If true i welcome the change. I went twice, once a few months after they opened and then again about a year ago. Both times the service was about the worst i have ever received and the food was marginally better than taco bell. Hopefully things will now improve.

    2. I eat there about two to three times a week for lunch. I LOVE the place. I have tried about almost all of the menu and my "fave" varies. I've been away from my internet connection for about a month so haven't been able to post.

      The owner/chef is great! He loves what he does and prides himself on freshness and cooking. He does,as newfie says generously offer samples of his carnitas, totally YUM.
      It is not listed on the menu, but his "Cubano" sandwich, is awesome. We call it the breakfast/lunch/dinner sandwich, it's huge and will last ya that long.

      They usually serve 2 salsas both homemade and one is often a cooked one.

      If you like heat, don't be afraid to ask, he will definately rev it up for ya.

      The one photo is fratita and the other is his shrimp empana, excellent. He is fully willing to do requests that are not on the menu, if he has the ingredients. The waitstaff is excellent and will explain any dish to you cheerfully. The decor is quite minimalistic.

      And if you see cake in the front display definately get a slice of that!!!!!!

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        Great review ...its on my list for later in the week YUM!

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          Gonna try the Cubano sandwich - thanks for the tip!

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            Just came back from El Senor Frog - this time I expanded my horizons based on Quine's post and am I glad I did! The shrimp empanada is heavenly, and unlike any empanada I've had previously - first of all, it's huge - takes up half the plate (as in the picture in Quine's post), and is encased in a surprisingly light and delicate dough - the remoulade sauce served with it perfectly enhances the grilled shrimp/tomato filling - it's divine. I also tried the Cubano with breaded steak and ham - OMG it's the biggest sandwich I've ever seen and it too is excellent. I'm thinking leftovers tomorrow morning.... I hope this place makes it - it's a much needed addition to the Southern Ocean County dining scene.