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Nov 14, 2010 07:10 AM

pizza shells

Where can I find the best pizza shells in Calgary . I prefer a real thin crust style. They may be called Pizza skins.

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  1. The hand-stretched flatbread that they sell in the bakery section of Superstore is by far the closest thing to normal delivery pizza crust that I have found (in Edmonton, but obviously you can get them in Calgary too). Normally all the other premade crusts that I have seen that are widely available are way too soft and bready.

    1. Lina's sells pizza dough which you could stretch as thin as you like. Get a few, cook and freeze them. Only slightly less convenient.

      1. i've made hundreds and hundreds of pizzas at home, and can confidently tell you that you aren't going to have good results with a "pizza shell." You might have something gthat resembles a pizza, but it is going to be terrible. To get good results you need to use dough. As someone else said, they sell pizza dough at Lina's and other italian markets around the city, and they even have it at walmart supercentre sometimes.

        i would encourage you to make your own, however, since you can then experiment with different styles, AND it will be better than the premade stuff you buy at the italian markets (unfortunately, they sell the dough to make money, not because they are passionate about pizza).

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          I totally agree with you nonlinear but I have 2 kids that play sports at a competitive level and I was just looking for a quick meal that was better than frozen pizza. Schedules change so quickly I need something real quick

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            I'm with you greatdane. Would make it myself if time allowed, but if it doesn't, it would be great to know where one can buy good pre-made raw dough shells. I'm going to give Lina's a try.

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              Linas is great but if you have no time to stretch it and make that mess I suggest Pillsbury Pizza dough. It ain't cheap at about $3.50 a tube but fgills a baking sheet square pizza. YOu simply prebake just the crust for 8 mins while cutting the toppings, add sauce that costs 99 cents at all grocery store, toppings and wait another 10 mins. Finished product is tons better then any frozen pizza and you get to use all those veggies/meats/cheeses you need to use out of the fridge.

          2. you may want to call up a Gondola Pizza (midwestern-style thin crust chain) and see if they will sell you some parbaked crusts without sauce or toppings. you could freeze them.

            Otherwise, i think you're pretty much stuck with the thick biscuit crusts from the supermarket.

            Gondola Pizza
            3315 26 Ave SW #4, Calgary, AB T3E, CA