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Nov 14, 2010 07:09 AM

Sweet Potato Pie? Manayunk? MANNA?

Almost 18 years ago my grandmother and I bought a sweet potato pie on a corner in Manayunk and we have been able to find it or recreate it since. Just recently I learned of MANNA and thought perhaps that is who we bought it from but they aren't selling any sweet potato pies. does anybody know if they used to? Or does anybody know where I might find the best sweet potato pie in Philadelphia? Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Under the Oak makes a great sweet potato pie with a carmelized pecan topping.

    1. Manna definitely did have Sweet Potato pies until this year! My understanding is that the recipe came from Delilah's in the Reading Terminal Market (but they don't sell whole pies)

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        What about the guys on the street in front of the Zoo ?

        1. re: phillyjazz

          Without having seen them, phillyjazz, I'm guessing that's actually the Nation of Islam guys selling bean pies.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            After some research it appears they ARE bean pies. Anyone ever tried one ?

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              A friend of mine in Pittsburgh would buy them occasionally and bring them to potlucks. They were pretty good. But, I struggle with spending money on an ideology that I don't support. Not that I can really claim to be all high and mighty, because I certainly bend my ideals for other food items.

      2. I'm sure it's not the one you had, and I can't vouch for the quality, but I saw that Whole Foods is selling sweet potato pies as part of it's Thankgiving offerings.

        1. If you have a hankering for tasty sweet potato pie, I suggest that you head to The Sweet Potato Bakery in Media (Delaware County). The bakery is a conglomerate of local cooks who produce an awesome sweet potato pie. My first and only experience with SPP was from that bakery and I'll never forget it. The location isn't convenient for me, but I hope to return over the holidays for another pie and some of their wonderful assorted muffins! I think the bakery is on State Street (the main street in media). BTW.....lots of interesting eating places in Media.