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Nov 14, 2010 07:06 AM

Leinenkugels Creamy Dark Beer

I visiting family my family here in San Diego. I am a retired River Captain from Wisconsin and would like to know if anyone knows if this beer is available in San Diego and if yes where?

Thanks for any help

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  1. You'll find some Leinies in San Diego, but I've never seen the Creamy Dark here. I don't think the California distributors carry it.
    If you're interested in trying something new, you might like some of these San Diego beers: AleSmith Nautical Nut Brown, Port Hot Rocks Lager or Midnight Sessions, or Alpine Captain Stout.
    Negro Modelo from Mexico or Shiner Bock from Texas are probably the closest thing to the Cream Dark you will find here.

    1. Try Bev Mo, maybe they can order it for you.

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        Thanks again. Not being from here I didn't think about contacting BevMo. I'll give it a shot. Fact of the matter, it is even hard to get in Wisconsin.

        1. re: captainart

          FYI, San Diego is one of the craft brewing capitols of the US. It'd be a shame to miss out on all the great local beer during your visit.

          1. re: Josh

            I second this idea. Have your relatives drive you around to all the local breweries - I highly suggest Ballast Point, Stone Brewing, Alesmith, Lost Abbey, and Green Flash. Any combination of the above will work.

            The Lost Abbey
            155 Mata Way Suite 104, San Marcos, CA

            Green Flash
            701 Thomas Ave, San Diego, CA 92109