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Nov 14, 2010 06:50 AM

Great Products that never should have disappeared but did

Uncle Ira's post on potato chips got me all riled up on this topic again.

Over the last few years, and with increasing frequency, so many products seem to come and go. Often they don't seem to be given much of a chance. We, the consumer are left out Ira said, he feels like he's been dumped. Sometimes I write to ask what's up and usually there is no response. That upsets me the most. So much for customer loyalty.

Here are a few items that have recently disappeared that I really liked:

Catherine Clarks/Brownberry bread. Arnold did sort of listen and tried to bring the "original" recipe back @ $4.19 a loaf, mind you. Half the time, the stores are out of it too.

Also, Schweppes did respond to me regarding Bitter Lemon. I still have a few prized bottles left which will probably get used up over the Hols.

Off the top of my pointy little head here are a few more items: Trader Joe's crumpets, Terra Olive Oil and Rosemary and Terra Arrabiata chips, Hellman's Citrus salad dressings, Hannah hummous from Costco, Schweppes Bitter Lemon and Land O Lakes cooking sauces.

Lastly, Pedigree Denta Bones (my dog's favorite, replaced by Denta Stix which he HATES). Unlike Mikey, he LOVES anything that gets put in front of him. Just not Denta Stix.

Perhaps he feels abandoned and betrayed as well?

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