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Nov 14, 2010 06:19 AM

Queen (Chinese) Chadds Ford

Yet another Chinese place has opened up. located in the Olde Ridge Shopping Ctr on 202. It's a pleasant place - self serve. They have a bench seat for take-out. (I was getting TO). BYOB. For a while they have a 20% off Grand Opening special

Alas, My meal was mediocre. The Boneless spareribs (5.95) were over cooked and leathery. The steamed Chicken dumplings (6 for 4.95) seemed to be just pieces of white chicken wrapped in pastry - I couldn't discern any other addition - veggie or spice. The Hunan Beef ((10.95) was good and just barely spicy - I suppose I could ask for hotter. The true Joy was the Pork Fried Rice (4.50) - lots of big pieces of meat, some nice veggies and very flavorful.

Since it was Take out, everything was portion controlled. It did seem everything was being cooked to order as folks at tables had to get their various items individually. If you eat in, I think the portions may be bigger and they are presented nicely on high quality china. The "small" soups I saw being served were what most people would consider a big bowl! You may want to share at first.

Folks were pleasant and friendly and there seemed to be a lot of traffic in the 20 mins or so I waited for my order. Maybe it was just opening week jitters - I may give them a second try since the prices are pretty good.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I was wondering how it was. We got their menu tacked on to our mailbox and it looked pretty good. Been looking for good Chinese around here ever since the owner of Han Dynasty vultured the chef in Exton for his Chinatown location.

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      My favorite "go-to" at least for take-out is the little place in kennett next to Genuardi's and the Italian place. They are consistently good.

      1. re: FriedClamFanatic

        Truth be told, I've never been in there. It looks so unappealing from the outside, with all those food photos up above the counter, it never occurred to me that their food might be okay. With King's Island shut down (are they really going to re-open sometime?), I've been driving all the way to Hockessin for my Neighborhood Chinese fix. I thought I'd try Queen Cuisine next time the urge strikes. So you're saying I should really try that place, FCF? What are some of your favorite dishes there? I've gotta admit, I'm VERY skeptical...

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          Cindy.I like their appetizers, especially the fried dumplings. My wife, who is NOT a big Chinese fan gets Chicken Moo Goo Gai pan which she adores. I like their pork and beef dishes. Don't go for the ambiance, but take a small chance on a cple of items and see if you like. The problem with Chinese is that many of us have quite different expectations

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            I don't set the bar all that high when it comes to "neighborhood Chinese." I expect that the wonton soup will have some flavor and that the wontons will not be rubbery; I expect that the sauce for shrimp with lobster sauce will not be overly goopy from cornstarch; and I expect that egg rolls will not be tough and oil-laden. Beyond that, I expect that the differences between dishes will be discernable. By that I mean different sauces and different veggies for different dishes. That shouldn't be such a tall order, should it?

            By the way, I think I saw something about a Chinese place on S. High St (maybe in the McDonald's strip mall?). Do you know anything about it?

            1. re: CindyJ

              haven't seen anything on it yet..but i seldom go up High St.

          2. re: CindyJ

            Have you not been to Yi Palace yet? Just down the road from Chadds Ford and it is the best Chinese restaurant in the area that I've found to date.


            Yi Palace
            4435 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803

            1. re: scoopG

              No, I've never been. In fact, I never knew it was there. I don't get down that way too often.

          3. re: FriedClamFanatic

            The place next to Genuardi's in KSq is China Garden and seems to serve up a good but not great American style Chinese menu. Good for quick service takeout. My only complaint is asking for something to be prepped as "extra spicey" doesn't seem to make any discernable difference in the heat level. Has anone tried a place called Ming Village in the Painters Crossing SC in Chadd's Ford? Never been but the menu includes Chinese, Thai and Japanese. BYO too.

        2. "Self-serve" means...? I thought maybe buffet? Sounds like typical American-Chinese fare.

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            no.i meant no order at the counter....wait...and then pick up your food there