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Nov 14, 2010 04:57 AM

Help for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner in Wilmington, NC?

I will be staying in downtown Wilmington on Thanksgiving day, and have been unable so far to determine what restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving Day, let alone a great place to have a meal.

I will be in the company of two Italian guests, who don't much care that it's Thanksgiving, so the traditional turkey fare is not required. Probably the only thing we'll steer clear of is Italian food...I'm not sure I can sell them on that! As for me, I'm just looking for something in the area that won't leave me totally depressed that I missed my favorite holiday of the year!

We'll have a car, but don't know the area well, so proximity to downtown would be nice. Price range would preferably be moderate (no more than $25-28 for a meat/fish entree) or less.

Thanks y'all!

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  1. I recommend you do a search on here and then call some of the places that sound interesting. Downtown, I like Circa 1922, Catch and Caprice Bistro...again, you could call and see if they will be open. I suspect it will be difficult to find much that will be open. You may have to resort to the restaurant at the Hilton or something along those lines. Another potential source of information is the website of the Wilmington Star, the local newspaper. It has a decent restaurant section and will probably do a list of resturants open on T'giving, as many newspapers do.

    Circa 1922
    8 N. Front St., Wilmington, NC 28401

    1. Check with The Bridge Tender Restaurant on the right before you cross the bridge to Wrightsville Beach.

      The Bridge Tender @ 1414 Airlie Rd., Wilmington, NC 910 - 256 - 4519.

      Here's a link to restaurants that were open for TG in 2009. I used to visit Wilmington, NC quite often when my son was at Camp Lejeune but now that he's out of the Marines I don't go as often. Good luck.


      Bridge Tender
      1414 Airlie Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403

      1. Blockade Runner does a spectacular Thanksgiving buffet. College Road Diner is a Greek family-diner style of course but they are super nice people and they will be open. Great Harvest Bread will be open Friday with awesome scones, muffins and coffee for something to do the day after. Avoid Elijah's, Henry's and Bluewater...