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Nov 14, 2010 04:35 AM

How do I make a turkey in an Oster 18 qt. roaster?

I was tempted to buy the Oster 18 Qt roaster contraption that is on sale at Target so I can take it with us Thanksgiving Weekend while we are on vacation. I figure I can have my turkey roasting in the hotel while we are out doing things on Thursday. My questions are:
I've never used one of these. How does the bird come out? Is it succulent? Do I put sauces on it the way I would if I were roasting it in a regular oven? Also, can I leave this thing roasting in the hotel room while we are out? It looks kind of like a crockpot so I thought I would be able to treat it that way. I am right?

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  1. My mom always does the turkey in her large roaster...there should be instructions for it.

    Just a thought, most hotels don't cooking the rooms unless there is a specific kitchen area. Most of time we finagle it by just re-warming some foods, but cooking a full turkey for 4-5 hours is bound to raise suspicions if you plan on staying somewhere, where cooking is not allowed.

    1. Well, I did it. We had a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings (long story). I used the Oster Roaster. Just enough room for a 15 lb. turkey in a pan. There is no indicator light to tell you it is on. The cover does not fit snug enough for my taste. It did cook according to the directions. Was done 3 hours later just as it would be in a normal oven. Did not brown as much as I wanted it to on the top as I was warned to expect from the tabletop roaster ovens. For that reason alone, I would not use it for turkey dinner next year. Also, there wasn't enough room to allow me to baste easily. And, lastly, the insert is huge and difficult to clean. In the end, I would not have minded doing it on an angle in my sink this morning, but It didn't get completely clean and now I need to use some sort of special oven cleaner to get off the last stains from the turkey gravy. Turkey tasted very good. So, it worked, but I would not use it for turkey again.

      1. cappucino - I just read that if you dry the turkey and then slather with butter or olive oil and add spices it will give you the crispy skin you are looking for. Also, you do not need to baste your turkey if cooking in a roaster. Don't even open the cover until the calculated cooking time is up. You lose too much heat and it will take a lot longer to cook. Also first 30 minutes should be cooked at the highest heat on your roaster then drop to 325