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Nov 14, 2010 04:33 AM

More than Gourmet Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Has anyone tried this? I was hoping to use it to make an easy pot roast or short ribs. They make a whole selection of sauce bases and ready made sauces with good ingredients, no MSG and low sodium. The red wine reduction sauce is ready to use. Do I just brown the meat, add the veggies and the sauce and make it like a traditional pot roast? Is their stuff any good. Any good recipes that might use it? They only have an Italian style pot roast on their site.

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  1. Why?

    Naturally if one needs red wine sauce it is best to get some red wine and reduce it after browning the roast, maybe adding some flour+butter almost like a roux. Hell you could even add roux, though it's not really necessary as you can just reduce. The store bought sauce either used good wine and is a ripoff bc they had to process it and reduce it (extremely unlikely), used bad wine and is a ripoff, or used really bad wine and is reasonably priced.

    Much better to make your roast and make your own reduction. It will probably taste better, even if you use a 3-5 dollar red from Aldi. Actually they have a malbec for 3.99 which I've used which came out ok, I doubt any store bought stuff would come close.

    If you wanted to use it (for what reason I can't imagine, you don't really save much time since you have to cook the roast anyway - maybe someone gave it to you!) I'd brown the roast then add the sauce, maybe let it integrate a little bit so it gets some of the pot roast flavor. I'd avoid that stuff though, even if it is light on preservatives it could have tons of sodium, taste off, etc. The end product should be ok though, just watch for sodium content.