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guinea hen

Anybody have a recommendation as to where I might find/order a whole guinea hen? I need to purchase this Wednesday. Frozen is fine.


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  1. I've seen what's labeled as *guinea fowl*, whole with head and feet still attached in the Chinese markets on Grand Street. They are usually about 2.5 - 3.5 pounds in size, if not mistaken.

    1. Go to Dean and Deluca, and have them order one from D'Artagnan for you -- this is what I do when I want excellent poussin.

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        Oh duh, D'Artagnan. I guess lots of places could theoretically order one for me from D'Artagnan, assuming they carry D'Artagnan products.....?

        1. re: gutsofsteel

          you could even order one directly from D'Artagnan -- www.dartagnan.com -- roughly $25 for a whole bird.

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            Gotta have it Wednesday though...(nothing like planning ahead!)

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              But shipping is expensive. I recommend going through Dean and Deluca because they special order all the time and get daily deliveries. Also, at the Madison Ave. shop, the butcher is quite kind.

        2. If by some chance D&D is a bust, try Citarella or possibly Schatzie the Butcher on Amsterdam at 87th (212 410 1555). Was there the other day and saw a list of unusual items - I could be wrong, but think it might have included Guinea hen

          1. Citarella usually has it (call ahead)...

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              Surprisingly, I have bought D'Artagnan poultry from shops where it was not impeccably fresh. Accordingly, my recent tactic has been to order from D and D and specify that I want the freshest specimen possible. I have not been disappointed, and I think the prices are comparable.

            2. Violet Hill Farm should be at Union Square on Wednesday; I have seen the hens there but you would need to call and inquire...


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                Their guinea hens are excellent and less expensive than the butcher shops (usually under $20), but they don't always have them, so indeed it is a good idea to inquire/order ahead.

              2. Florence Meat Market, on Jones Street, has most things, is used to ordering and is careful re: prep.

                Florence Meat Market
                5 Jones St, New York, NY 10014

                1. I think I bought one from Jeffrey's at Essex Street Market. I bet a lot of places would have them.

                  Essex Street Market
                  120 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

                  1. I'm a fan of D'Artagnan and their products....but I am also a fan of Bo Bo and their better pricing.



                    1. Great Wall Supermarket on Fort Hamilton Pkwy. in Brooklyn has guinea hen, along with other hard-to-find birds.

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                          Would you like to tell us where you ended up getting it?

                          1. re: rrems

                            When I have a bird in the hand, I'll report the details!

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                              So???? I have thought about cooking one for years and would love to hear the details...

                              1. re: erica

                                They're pretty easy to cook, Erica - you just have to keep in mind that they are leaner than chicken, so you have to make sure you keep it moist - baste, bard, whatever.

                                Leaner meat dries out faster, too -- but as long as you are keep these things in mind, it's not significantly harder than roasting a chicken.

                                1. re: erica

                                  PIcked it up on Wednesday - ordered from Dean & Deluca - from D'Artagnan. It's now frozen and will be cooked next week.

                                  As an aside: was at the Quattro store yesterday (off the Taconic) to pick up a capon I had ordered: they will have pheasants and geese for Christmas and I plan to get both.

                                  Dean & DeLuca
                                  1 Rockefeller Plz, New York, NY 10020

                        2. Skip D&D and CItarella - a good butcher is going to be better priced and have the same quality (maybe even the same D'Artagnan birds) - I'd go with Ottomanellli and Sons on Bleecker, personally.

                          Ottomanelli and Sons
                          285 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014