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Nov 14, 2010 01:45 AM

Café des Musées

Since we were going to the Louis Vuitton exhibit at the Musée Carnavalet yesterday, we chose to have lunch at "Café des Musées" from one of Ptipois' recent recommendations. What an enjoyable little place; crowded, friendly with good food at reasonable prices, and just around the corner from the Carnavalet at #49 Rue Turenne.

We had the potage du jour which was a comforting version of pumpkin soup, charcuterie, and mushrooms stuffed with escargots. My main was called echine de cochon, which was essentially a large chop served with the ever popular(to me) gratin dauphinois. We had a nice bottle of red Pic St. Loup, no dessert and the total bill for all this flavorable experience was €67.

Thanks Ptpois.

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  1. We had a very enjoyable meal at Cafe des Musees 2 years ago when we stayed just up the street. We really enjoyed the casual atmosphere, the good food and the decent prices.

    We stayed on Rue Turenne again this year and while we didn't make it back to the Cafe for dinner, we did have a wonderful encounter with one of the waiters. We were outside the Cafe trying to hail a cab for the Jimmy Buffet concert and the very kind waiter came out to tell us that we probably wouldn't be able to get a cab for 4 and proceeded to call one for us on his cell phone. What a nice thing for a stranger to do for us ~ we have had so many experiences like this in Paris and it certainly shows that Paris is not full of "rude" people but of ordinary folks who are kind to others, like most other places in the world. It's part of what keeps us coming back over and over again.


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      Jo, good point and story -- we've had many similar helpful experiences, often in the countryside, but also in Paris as well. I think the "rudeness" thing is to a large extent a self-fulfilling canard (of the non-confitted kind). Laidback, I enjoy your posts and especially your attached photos -- that "echine de cochon" could not have been described as well as it shows in pixels! -- Jake

    2. Ah Laidback, I can now believe in Francois Simon more since you supported his positive experience there reported Nov 3rd

      As for "echine de cochon" it's suddenly reappeared as a choice dish it seems: Afaria introduced it when it opened and Le Verre Vole as well in October. Interesting how these dishes go. What was once trash fish or throw-away-to-the-dog meats are back in fashion. Could be an article there, eh?